Full Hunter’s Moon in Taurus — October 27, 2015

The Full Moon crests in Taurus at 3 degrees of the sign on October 27th at 7:05 AM EST (add one hour for DST). We may see and feel the energy of the Taurus Full Moon tonight as it shines brightly into our bedroom windows. Somehow just seeing the Full Moon glowing in the night sky brings some mysterious power that affects our psyches. We toss and turn, become restless — and although exhausted, we realize we just can’t seem to settle down in order to get the rest we need. Even though the Moon is in Taurus — that Fixed Earth sign that should signify stability and calm — the Full Moon brings an esoteric energy that defies our need for respite.

Since the Full Moon crests at the hour many of us are commuting to work — it will behoove us to take our time, be aware of those impatient drivers who are tailgating, speeding or just driving erratically and avoid them if possible. Driving defensively will get you to your destination safely without any angst. Do Not engage anyone who is out-of-control or acting irresponsibly! Too many instances of “road rage” seem to end in misfortune.

Those whose birthday coincides with 3 degrees of Taurus (April 21st to 25th) or Scorpio (October 23rd to 28th) may need to take extra precautions to avoid any confrontation with argumentative people. Depending on the Zodiac house where this aspect is taking place will give some clue to the areas to avoid. As always, most of us get through these Full Moon phases without incident — but being aware will tend to give you the edge if something untoward happens. With Taurus at the helm, money issues may arise and any conflict about property may flare up.

Be of good cheer, by early afternoon on the 27th a positive Moon connection to Neptune will bring us a tempering of any angst that likely was in effect earlier in the day. Just another tool in our astrological toolbox — being forewarned is to be forearmedĀ  — use the knowledge of the stars to ease your day-to-day life. Life is a magical journey to be lived to the full — even with the Full Moon! Peace.



2 comments on “Full Hunter’s Moon in Taurus — October 27, 2015

  1. Today I received some terrible news and this moon squares my Mars Saturn Moon. but this afternoon I cannot explain it there is just this amazing sense of peace. anyway just felt the need to share that.

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