November’s Astrological Activity — 2015

The Sun in Scorpio until the 22nd will be piquing our innermost need for finding our own truth! We will be feeling the desire to clarify our dreams and goals, and how to achieve them in a realistic manner. With Saturn in Sagittarius negatively impacting Neptune in Pisces we will feel a little out of touch with our most intimate feelings and confusion may reign . Our job is to find a way to use the energies of these two diverse Planets in their most positive personae. When Neptune turns direct on the 18th, there will be a resurgence of our ability to look within to find our true pathway. However, we will have to deal with Saturn in Sagittarius throwing a blanket of haze over our ability to process our most intimate thoughts and feelings. It might be difficult to find our way in order to clarify our true needs and desires so that we may continue to grow on our pathway here on Earth. The Stars and Planets are telling us to clean out of our lives those who are holding us back, and just filling in space because we are bored, tired or lonely. Let those folks GO!  You will then be able to look around at your life with a new perspective and you will find those who are more than willing to help you move forward. Our job is to be patient, allow our minds and psyches to ponder each facet of our conscious ideas and our subconscious intuitions as they bubble under the surface of our awareness — and bubble they will indeed!

Those whose birthdays are in the last week of November and February will find they are especially in flux by the Saturn/Neptune conflict going on, affecting their ability to decide just what pathway will bring them to the most positive and “truthful” lifestyle they envision. It will behoove them to take time to process any issue or relationship they are pondering before they act precipitously, and create an untenable situation that will have repercussions for a long difficult spell ahead. Indeed — we all should be aware that the decisions we make during this period will have a lasting impact for our immediate future. Be sure your choices will bring you to your “truest” lifelong goals — and not just serve to placate a sudden urge to rebel or “show” others that you are your own person! Sometimes the opinions of others are actually to be taken seriously because those may be the people who love you the most and know you the best, and only want you to find true happiness.

Our New Moon this month crests at 19 degrees of Scorpio on the 11th at 12:48 PM EST, thus intensifying our depth of feeling and our need to dig deep into any secret plans or ideas you might want to put into action. Be cognizant that there are underlying factors working that you might not be aware of that will have an impact on your final choices. It is a good time to reevaluate where you are and what you truly want to happen when making out your wish list — try to be practical and smart about those you are allowing into your life. Take off the  “rose-colored” glasses that are enhancing your viewpoint, and find a pragmatic way to “see” those people in a realistic light! Are they really providing a positive factor in your life, or are you/they creating a false sense of security,   safety or a loving environment that isn’t really there? We make choices every day that will help us to evolve into a more profound human being — or — choices that will take us down the “rabbit-hole” of fantasy and make-believe that will bring us to our downfall. Make sure your decisions are based on fact and not fiction — and move forward without the baggage of poor decisions and/or people that can haunt you and your dreams well into the future.

The Full Moon is on the 25th at 3 degrees of Gemini and crests at 5:44 PM EST — if you didn’t find a way with the New Moon in Scorpio to release those negative people in your life, the Full Moon in Gemini will help to open your eyes and will stimulate your mind with the naked truth! We also have the help of the honorable Saturn in Sagittarius which brings better judgement into our realm —  truth, justice and a reality check! This is your wake-up call — listen to your inner voice and respect what you hear! Our usual caveats stand — drive defensively, don’t let your temper get the better of you, walk away from any danger you perceive and all will be well.

Mars will enter Libra on the 12th touching off a sensitive degree in the Zodiac — you might expect some world-wide crisis in the news — but for most of us this change will stimulate yet another house in our chart. Mars in Libra is powerful but brings with it an appreciation of all that is beautiful. Libra will modify Mars warlike attributes, and will soften those harsh edges that can often be hurtful. Mars in Libra can rise to the top of any ladder of success — determined, smart, talented and a bit more selective — there is no stopping this dynamo when he sets his sights on a goal. Find where Libra lives in your chart, and plan to use the energy and creativity of this duo! Mars in Libra can lead to new relationships, companions and even marriage.

There will be changes coming, but don’t let yourself wallow in the doldrums — change is difficult and we all get a bit wary when there are adjustments on the horizon — just remember opportunities await and will bring more positive experiences into your life, along with more confident and happy people who will be willing to mentor you along the way.

Just to err on the side of caution — the wintry weather will soon be on its way — slippery roadways, snowy paths, and icy sidewalks — be sure to stay alert when there is danger underfoot. We all may be out and about with holiday chores and shopping.  Keep your immune system in high gear, and don’t give up on your daily exercise program. Good health is a blessing to be cherished — stay well — be of good cheer — and be thankful for all the good things in your life — Happy Thanksgiving to all — Peace!







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