Happy Halloween — All Soul’s Day — 2015

Tonight is the night to celebrate our ancient traditions of honoring and perhaps contacting our departed. Since mankind realized that those who left the world still seemed to have a presence, we have had rituals and incantations to remember those we loved even though they are seemingly no longer with us on our earthly plane. We held rituals in churches, graveyards and holy places to try to feel their spirits touch us with signs and happenings. I think those folks who were most sensitive and in tune with their emotions were more likely to “know” that those who have crossed over still were able to contact their loved ones in various ways.

We are beings of light and energy — which cannot be destroyed — our spirits move on to evolve and grow in knowledge and understanding of just what incredible entities we humans can truly become. Our souls enter higher and higher planes of existence to increase our abilities in the evolution of our species. Still, we remain in touch with those we incarnate with, our loved ones are never more than a thought away. Our spirits are better able to “see” a new pathway, and can help those left behind. Our duty is always to feel, remember, and accept those we love and to let them know we are aware of their day-to-day lives. It is our karma to be with those we loved and cared for throughout our lives.

There is no judgement on the other side — we are free of anger, disappointment, hatred, angst and frustration — we become the embodiment of loving kindness and acceptance. Yes we can see our errors and missteps in our worldly lives — and we understand they were the stepping stones of our learning experiences on Earth. We grow and evolve with each person we meet, each experience we have, each mistake or error we may have made, each loved one we cherished. Our karma is to keep on learning and growing into the sacred individual we are meant to be. We will achieve our ultimate goal of consecration, humility and the utmost level of true humanity. We are our brother’s keepers, and we improve with each person who comes into our lives that stimulates our loving emotions. Our parents, companions, spouses, children, friends and  acquaintances all bring us a unique opportunity to become better human beings. We never let go of our loved ones in spirit — we continue to maintain our connections in this world and the next.

Today our children and grandchildren go trick or treating, scaring away the negative spirits that may be around, and with their glee bring only positive and happy entities into their realm. In places of worship we entreat our loved ones to remain a constant in our lives and to bring us Peace on Earth. We in turn remember how much we loved, how entwined our lives were with each other. We wish their spirits to be free of all woe and harm, and we entreat them to look kindly upon those of us left behind. In ancient ritual we remember and we are saddened by their loss — still — we believers know that one day we will once again be joined in a happier realm. They will be there when we ourselves cross over into the ether, and they will rejoice at our return. Ours is a journey not taken alone — we are intimately connected to one another in a primal sacrament of evolution.

Remember kindly those who have passed from this Earthly realm — talk to them, remember the love you shared, the stories you tell, the time you enjoyed, say their name, respect their journey, and feel the peace descend upon your soul. Love is forever — life never ends. Peace!




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