Venus Enters Libra — November 8th, 2015

Lady Venus Enters Libra on November 8th at 10:31 AM EST until entering Scorpio on December 4th at 11:15 PM EST. When Venus leaves Mutable Earthy Virgo for Cardinal Airy Libra, there is a definite shift in our emotional quotient — whilst in Virgo, Lady Venus was extremely fastidious and selective in those whom she would invite into her realm. After entering Libra, Lady Venus feels revived and restored with Libra’s penchant for finding the beautiful in all, and with her ability to draw towards her those admirers who will be enchanted by her whimsy! Lady Venus is endowed with a plethora of all that is loving, caring and open while she stays in Libra’s dwelling. Not to say that she is a pushover or too easy on those who would seek her charms — rather living in a Cardinal domicile, she is totally aware of those folks with whom it would not be in her best interest to encourage a relationship. More outgoing, flirtatious, with an inner core of unquenchable desirability — our Lady Venus revels in her stay within Libra’s boundaries.

However boundaries there are indeed — Libra requires balance — not something Lady Venus wants to think about — her ideas are often fabulous and over-the-top in style and substance. Libra will insist on keeping an even keel while Venus will want to take the helm and go full steam ahead. These two will find their way into a loving and beautiful companionship — they both are in love with love, and they both want that special someone in their life. Venus will be her most stunning and effervescent self while in Libra — the airiness of Libra bringing the champagne bubbles of joy into Lady Venus realm. We love Lady Venus in Libra — she finds beauty everywhere and give the benefit of the doubt to those she meets, but with the caveat that she is no shrinking violet in Libra. Being a Cardinal sign — allows Lady Venus to strut her stuff without any hesitation — as with all Cardinal signs they are the movers and shakers of the Zodiac. So Lady Venus has lots to work with when under Libra’s auspicious.

Libra rules the arts — music, drama — marriage and courtship, decor and clothing, and flowers. All areas where Lady Venus can shine and bring her comely awareness of the finer things in life. Venus is our Planet of Love and as such will always be thinking about companionship, friendship, and marriage. Her loving realm includes all those in her immediate family and those friends and acquaintances she gathers along her path. Seldom is Venus disapproving or dour in Libra, rather her highest qualities of humanity glisten with a Heavenly aura. She is love incarnate, wrapping her slender arms around all those she deems worthy to be loved — and loving indiscriminately those displaced persons who exist at the fringe of society. Venus is unconditional love — without rancor — without judgement, without condemnation. She aspires to the highest realm of loving kindness — bringing her love to all who have need of her ministrations. Lady Venus in Libra brings our ability to find beauty everywhere, to accept and embrace all manner of humanity, all the while aware of our inherent human flaws, She loves us without limitation.

While traversing Libra, Lady Venus connects with Saturn on Friday the 13th — any legal issue will be fairly judged and the outcome will bring stability. Also — it might be a good day to choose to go to lunch with a dear friend or colleague where you might find you have a lot more in common than you’d imagined. Later in the evening, a quick meeting with Mars might be confusing and intense, be patient and try to hear what’s really being said. Connecting with Neptune in an uneasy manner on the evening of the 14th might open your eyes to someone who is not worthy of your kindness. On the evening of the 17th a run in with the Sun in Scorpio might make waves for Lady Venus, just keep yourself balanced and remember this too shall pass. A square to powerful Pluto on the evening of the 20th may bring strong feelings to the fore — take a deep breath and hold your tongue — you don’t have to take back what you didn’t say! On the 23rd, an opposition to Uranus may disrupt what you thought was stable and reliable — but now find is in disarray — stay calm and reassess what is going on — and make adjustments as necessary to find a solution. You might find it’s time to release a toxic relationship in order for you to move forward and evolve into your best self. Be aware of excess in everything you think you want — an underlying issue will come to the surface, and you will find what you thought was true was just a facade. Steady and safe may sometimes seem boring, but life is about more than just fun and games. Use common sense when stretching the boundaries of your goals and desires.

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 25th will make for an active and interesting Thanksgiving Holiday week — remember that karmic family love is always the source of our stability and solidarity — enjoy being with your loved ones, allow petty issues to flow away, and remember the joy and love you’ve shared over the years. Reach out with congeniality and a genuine love for all within your realm. Eat, drink and be merry while with friends and family, the month quickly comes to a close, and the Holiday busyness begins. Your Venus in Libra tastefulness will allow you to find just the right gifts for your friends and family — and remember — the gift of yourself and your time might be what everyone wants the most. Until the 4th when Venus slips into intense Scorpio, you will have exquisite taste in all that you choose — once ensconced in Scorpio — our deepest passions will be stirred and we will be concentrating on looking our best (and perhaps sexiest) for our Holiday parties! Relish the time that Lady Venus is in Libra — beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent, elegant, delightful, amusing, and living life to the fullest.

Hint — find your Venus in Libra love while shopping at an upscale mall, at church, while attending a musical, at the florists, dining at an ethnic restaurant, looking for new furnishings, at the beauty shop, at a museum, while taking an art class, wandering on a country lane, at a flea market, buying Holiday gifts, having a massage, at a wine bar, at a cooking class, or at a Holiday party or wedding!





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