New Moon in Scorpio — November 11, 2015

This month’s New Moon crests at 19 degrees of the sign Scorpio at 12:48 PM EST. A Scorpio Moon increases our feelings and passions, we may find our emotions are much more sensitive or powerful than usual. Scorpio is such a deep and evocative sign, that many of us shy away from its intensity. Our duty is to embrace each and every sign in order to use the unique qualities of their nature. Each sign has a dwelling place in our chart and we must look to the House it inhabits to see what kind of input we will receive from it’s placement therein. We are given these tools to help us in our daily lives, just knowing where the Moon is each day can show us how to modify our response to outer stimuli. Knowing that the Sun will be in one Zodiac House for a month at a time gives us the knowledge to be able to adjust to anything that is going on within that area of our realm.

Working with the Universal flow of Planetary movement will enhance our experience during our lifetime here on Earth. Knowing just a few elementary facts about how the Planets affect us will give us an edge in living our lives to the full, and can help us avoid any negative interactions that might appear. With the New Moon and Sun in Scorpio we may find we will be contemplating the upcoming Holiday season, remembering past times of joy and perhaps disappointment — we may hark back to those childhood days when everything seemed beautiful and carefree. Now that the onus is on us to create and convey those  magical moments for our children and families, we sometimes get overwhelmed with the process and forget the ultimate goal. I always try to remember that no matter how crazy and hectic it seems during the process — it always somehow comes together and our Holiday is full of love, magical moments, laughter, joy and thankfulness.

With Mars soon to enter Libra, and Venus already ensconced there, we will have their energy, passion and love to spur us on. These two working in concert will help us to be practical, perhaps even have a detailed plan, and will keep us moving forward with love to our ultimate goal for the Holidays. Breathe in the eclectic vitality of the Planetary aspects and use them in a positive and helpful manner to get all of your chores completed with an elegant (Venus in Libra) and competent (Mars in Libra) way! Those born the last week of November and of February will seem to feel the pressure a bit more and be in flux. Sometimes just focusing on one day at a time will be the answer to our confusion. If you begin to feel overwhelmed, give yourself a good shake, sit in a quiet spot and close your eyes for a few precious moments. Envision the joy and happiness you bring to those you love, understanding that they only want you to be happy! Allow the aura of loving kindness to envelope you until you once again feel strong enough to move ahead. Accept help when it is offered, and you will find your pathway smoothing out with the new assurance you are experiencing. Sometimes the solution is to simplify — most of us don’t need elaborate decorations, expensive gifts or gourmet dinners — it’s the love we feel when we are with our families and friends that gives us the emotional quotient that says “This is the true meaning of the holidays.”

Since the New Moon is in Scorpio, we should wish for those things that we feel passionately about — think deeply of those things or ideas that will improve your life and the lives of your loved ones. Scorpio feels deeply — so perhaps you want more intimacy in your life, or you want to find the “One”. You may want to learn a new skill or master one you’ve been plying as a hobby, you also may want to have better control over your emotions — not wearing your heart on your sleeve, or flying off the handle at every little annoyance! Write out your affirmations in detail and with feeling — find a place to sit alone and meditate for a few moments — write out a few thoughts — put them away for a couple of hours and then go back to them. Do you like what you’ve written, or can you now see that they don’t fulfill your true desires. When you are sure your affirmations, wishes and dreams have been carefully thought out — write them down — think about each one as you write, and allow your spirit to envelop the entire area. Breathe in the white light of knowledge, hope and reason — agree to let the Universe send your thoughts into the Galaxial ether to become your reality. The magic is in your own psyche as you put forth your deepest desires.

The New Moon in Scorpio crests at 12:48 PM EST — so all Wednesday afternoon and the next 24 hours will be advantageous for you to write out your wishes. Give yourself this gift of hope and wonder — allow your most intimate and dynamic dreams to surface along your pathway in this lifetime. Renew, restore, regenerate your life with the mysterious workings of the Universe.

Happy Thanksgiving to all — Peace!


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