New Moon Reminder — Moon in Scorpio — November 11, 2015

Just a quick reminder to write out your affirmations, wishes, dreams and desires on the 11th, the New Moon in Scorpio crests at 19 degrees of the sign at 12:48 PM EST. So all afternoon and the next day will be appropriate for you to write our your wishes. Those born near this date are entering a new Lunar phase — they will experience the positive vibrations of this New Moon for the next few months. So it is especially prudent for them to be sure to write our their most ardent requests.

In Scorpio we have passion, a determined attitude, and deep feelings about all things of a mysterious nature. Scorpios seek truth, and will search for answers whenever intrigued by any deception or long kept secrets. They will hone in on any falsehoods, charlatans or any underhanded on-goings. Still they can themselves keep secrets — whether their own, or for a friend.

Don’t let this New Moon pass without writing out your wish list — remember to be completely present when putting pen to paper — let your heart and psyche combine to find your most ardent needs. Allow the winds of the Galaxial ether to gather up your desires so they may become extant. Bring all of your ideas to the fore and send them into the magic of imagination and optimism where dreams can come true.

Believe in the power of wonder and revelation — believe that you deserve to be happy. Peace!



One comment on “New Moon Reminder — Moon in Scorpio — November 11, 2015

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    Thanks Nancy, I really needed this reminder today. 🙂

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