Mars Enters Libra — November 12, 2015

Another blockbuster Planet will enter Libra this month, Mars will leave Virgo with a sigh of relief, and enter Airy Libra on the 12th at 4:41 PM EST. Not quite comfortable in Virgo, our valiant Mars will be pleased to soon arrive in another Cardinal sign — Virgo was not Mars cup-of-tea! The two just have a lot of issues to solve when joined together, and it made for an uneasy truce of sorts. Nevertheless — Mars in Virgo has it’s place in the rotation of the Planetary movements and we must learn to use the energies of these odd-couples as best we can!

Now that Mars has entered Libra shortly after Venus entry on the 8th, we will have a lot of passion and love in our Libra House — look at your chart and observe where Libra lives — this House will be able to use the auspices of both Mars and Venus components. Mars brings us an abundance of vigor, passion and vibrancy in Airy Libra that can help us intelligently find our way to our one true love — especially with Venus already ensconced in Libra the loving vibes will be more intense and perhaps even overwhelming. Our psyches will be invigorated and strongly sensitized to those whose vibrations are spiritually connected to ours. This can be a Karmic connection or one that may be newly honed. Keep all of your senses tuned into those around you especially if Libra is on your 1st House cusp or or is in a favorable aspect to a Planet in your 5th House. Each new person (or perhaps an old friend) will be a possible love connection. You may see a “friend” in a new light — or a newly met “acquaintance” could turn out to be the love of your life! So many possibilities, so little time! Venus leaves Libra on the 4th of December, and Mars changes in early January! Of course they both enter Scorpio then — another intense and sexy sign! Take advantage of this month to meet as many people as you can, and accept all invitations to social affairs or holiday parties! Be open to meeting and greeting old friends and any newcomers — schmooze, connect, network, enjoy!

What else does Mars in Libra bring to our Planetary table? Both vibrate to the Cardinal modifier and Fiery Mars can use Libra’s Airiness to keep the flames of love, passion, and relationships sizzling  hot! Mars in Libra will be in a dance macabre for a while as Mars gets used to Libra’s need for balance and planning. Since Mars wants to be in the lead and be the Alpha Male in charge, he may initially come up against Libra’s ability to diffuse and confuse. Libra has definite ideas about how to proceed and will waft Mars impetuosity away with a gentle breeze. Mars wont know what hit him — all that oxygen will have gone to his head — but he will soon breathe in the energizing air and will grow stronger every day. These two will become a volatile duo to be reckoned with indeed. Once Mars realizes he is stronger and better with Libra, and Libra understands that Mars brings vigor and vibrancy into her realm, the bond they form will work while they companionably vie for their own agenda within the bounds of each others comfort zone. Decorating, courtship, marriage, florists, beauty salons, clothiers and collectibles will all be enhanced — whilst courage and the zeal to reach a goal will be put on the front burner. Finding gifts throughout this time span should have an extra special touch with the auspices of Mars in Libra — good taste abounds and also with the Sun in Scorpio until the 22nd, an ability to reach into each recipient’s mind and heart to find just the right token of affection.

Mars in Libra Love Style — Mars in Libra can work together as they both vibrate to a Cardinal profile (strong leadership, can get things done, Alpha mindset, a mover and shaker), fiery Mars can use Libra’s airiness to increase the volatility of his hot passions. Libra on her own, however, can be one cool cucumber — not willing to settle for anything but the most loving of connections. Mars can try to overwhelm Libra with his bombastic and ardent nature, and may succeed when there are other aspects in one’s chart that bring Mars more power (a Fire sign Sun, Venus in a Fire sign, or even a good aspect to Jupiter). So many ways our charts individualize our outlook, our desires, and our compatibility. Libra is more fastidious in looking for that someone special, able to attract so many different suitors, Libra is more likely to get flustered by having to make a decision among the throng. Mars in Libra will cut to the chase in order to weed out those not worthy and will only want the most comely, vivacious, elegant and passionate persona available.

Mars in Libra is charming, sometimes aloof, good-looking (but knows it), won’t settle for anything but the best, has a flair for humor (but might not be able to laugh at himself), is willing to work hard for his loved ones, wants only the best for his family, can appear superior and full of himself, might have a quick temper but will get over it soon, will honor his commitments, means it when he says –” ‘til death do us part“, can be a loving father and playful Dad, has high standards but might be too rigid at times, will always be loving, and enjoys showing off those he loves.

Keeping a Mars in Libra happy will be a balancing act for sure, mood swings may occur, and an avid interest one day may be ignored the next! It will behoove a partner of a Mars in Libra person to be flexible, aware, always well “turned out”, be able to communicate well, be prepared for a brilliant but often erratic mind, keep the home fires burning with warmth and love, make your home a haven of safety, loving kindness and open conversation. Passion will always be part of a Mars in Libra persona and their love will be a constant beacon of light. Consideration, comfort and caring will go a long way in keeping a Mars in Libra  happy and content. Let your love take flight on the wings of infinite hope but balance your life with good old common sense. Just Love!






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