Park It — Jone Victoria — November 25, 2008

What is the most irritating thing about going shopping? After cutting out mall rats, not finding a salesperson, or tolerating annoying music that assaults your senses — it has to be finding a parking space close to your destination!

Well be of good cheer, I am about to divulge the secret of getting the parking space of your dreams.

When you are about five minutes from your destination, imagine a parking space opening up right in front of the store. Imagine the space freeing up as if it was your own “employee of the month” reward. See it — visualize it — believe it. Park it.

I’ve been doing this for forty years and it’s never failed. There’s your Black Friday gift from me to you. You’re welcome.

As I was perusing my Jone book — this page opened as if by magic to this post — seeing the date, I knew it would be apropos for this time period. I also have used this method with unusually positive results — especially when my husband is driving, I will seriously concentrate on a good parking spot — even visualizing the color of the cars parked next to the space that is open. He will often park the car, and say “thanks”! I just smile. It is especially important to think about doing this in advance — Jone might have only needed 5 minutes, but I get better results using this method as I leave the house. Whatever your choice, it is a handy tool when facing the throngs of shoppers during this busy season. Let me know how it works for you.

Good Luck!




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