Full Moon in Gemini — November 25, 2015

The Full Moon this month crests on the 25th, at 5:44PM EST at 3 degrees of Gemini. Since this occurs a day before Thanksgiving, there might be a bit more frustration in preparing for the holiday. Gemini is an airy intelligent sign that is so mentally active that there are times when common sense flies out the window. Gemini’s are almost never totally at rest — their active minds just keep on spinning with new ideas, little anxieties, fears about the future, and wondering what is going to happen to this world. Well, they probably are also wondering what’s for dinner, because planning isn’t usually their forte! Brilliant, quixotic, ever youthful, embracing life, living for the moment, usually upbeat and happy to see their friends, having a effervescent laugh, embracing life with all of its encumbrances, our Gemini friends and family keep us on our toes, give us the freedom to be ourselves, and find the humor and absurdity in our humble humanity. Ready for fun, frolicking and any new adventure, they are our ever-young companions when we need a friend to accompany us on a quest.

This Full Moon will have a stronger effect on those born on the cusp of Gemini and its opposite sign Sagittarius — it will be wise to keep emotions under control, watch out for distracted drivers, find a way to use this dynamic energy to help get us through the many details of creating a lavish meal for family and friends. Beware of hot dishes and pans — or any open fire that you might be working near. Just be careful not to be abrupt or hasty when cooking, or if feeling rushed, take a moment to breathe and evaluate your needs. Take your time to be safe and moderate your responses to any unforeseen happenings. Take that extra beat of time to assess just what it is you are trying to accomplish. It won’t be the end of the world if your green beans are a little overdone, or your gravy is lumpy — (that’s what strainers are for)! Thanksgiving is just that — giving Thanks for all of our Blessings! Let’s remember the goal is to be with those we love, to connect, to spend time with, to laugh and love together. Okay — we all look forward to the food!

Some of the Full Moon energy will overflow into the morning hours, so a having a plan of action for the Big day will go far in smoothing out any little bumps in the road. And if things haven’t gone as you planned, when your company arrives — just put them to work on those things that need to be done. We all have experienced those exasperating times when nothing we did turned out well — and we all know it wasn’t for lack of trying — we are only human — let it GO! As far as I’m concerned pizza tastes as good as turkey — well — kinda!  Somehow the day comes together — no-one remembers the “mishaps” and all look forward to the next holiday!

Last year my stove caught on fire — quickly extinguished — the house was full of smoke — we opened all the windows although it was chilly — put fans on so the smoke would dissipate, (thanks to my Grandson Tim – the paramedic/fireman) — cleaned the stove, and carried on — everything tasted wonderful, although the Turkey had a slightly smokey flavor! The point is we can adjust, alter, modify our reaction to what’s happening. And then we can act in a positive manner to find a solution — I never once thought our dinner would be ruined — and it might have added a bit of excitement to our day! I am hoping this year goes smoother though — sigh!

Be of good cheer — eat, drink (responsibly), and be merry! All will be well — promise!




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