December’s Astrological Activity

The Sun in upbeat Sagittarius until late on the 21st will give us a good vibe for all of our Holiday parties, and all of the shopping and planning we will be doing. Energetic, charismatic, and usually positive in their outlook on life, our Sagittarius Sun will engender a feeling of goodwill toward all mankind. It also brings an abundance of fiery warmth and a fascinating ability to multi-task as its Mutable modifier is capable of handling any changes that occur. We all can use the dynamic vigor of our Sagittarian placement to help us get through the Holiday hubbub with a modicum of angst. Look to your chart to see where Sagittarius lives, and there you will find the strength and flexibility of this optimistic sign.

Saturn in Sagittarius will be traversing from 7 degrees to 11 degrees during December, perhaps bringing a bit of bother to those born during the first week of the month. We must remember that Saturn is the teacher who imparts lessons for us to learn and when we “get it” — we will be rewarded in kind. For those younger than 30 having Saturn in their sign might find it a bit more onerous. Once we have been through the approximately 30 year cycle of Saturn we should be more aware of the lessons that are being conveyed to us by this wise and ancient tutor.

Our New Moon this month crests on the 11th at 5:30 AM EST in Sagittarius at 19 degrees, starting a new lunar cycle for those born on this day. There may be some delays in plans or issues with monies owed to you — also be aware of any suspicious activity on your credit cards. Usually our New Moon brings new opportunities, but with Saturn in the mix there may be some unforeseen hiccups! There is a beautiful trine aspect between Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces in the early morning hours that can bring us to an awareness of the depth of our faith, and a caring heartfelt empathy towards all men. I feel that the positive vibes from our Sagittarius Sun will tend to mitigate any negativity so all will work out well. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius has reign over the law, religion, doctors, politicians, clergymen, and sports figures. Jupiter is generous to a fault, brings an excess of gifts and often overreaches in his zeal to bring a “more is better” philosophy to the fore. We sometimes get too many choices and hence flounder in our bountiful excesses. We must use good judgement in order to compensate for Jupiter’s immense largess. Common sense is tantamount to using our knowledge well and being sensible in all of our dealings.

December’s Full Moon crests on the 25th (Christmas Day) — at 3 degrees of Cancer at 6:12 AM EST. We are cautioned to take care of our physical health, and to be careful not to overwork ourselves with holiday preparations that can sap our strength and weaken our immune system. This is the season of good will — and peace on Earth — let’s all remember it really is the thought that counts during these heady days of celebration. As the Full Moon crests early in the morning, the intensity of this Full Moon will begin to wane as the day goes on — still we must be aware to hold our tongues, treat others as we wish to be treated, and take any mishaps with our holiday preparations in stride. Adding to the excitement of our holiday will be Uranus turning Direct late in the day which will give us a more positive spin from this Planet of unexpected happenings. In the early afternoon there is a  good aspect between the Moon in Cancer to Neptune in Pisces, which will move us towards remembering the true meaning of the holiday, and Mercury trining Jupiter a bit later will allow us to communicate our feelings of love, gratitude and caring for those at our holiday table. Let’s try to hold on to these joyous and positive aspects throughout the rest of the day!

There are a couple of intense aspects to be aware of early this month, Saturn and Neptune are in an adversarial position, and Mars in Libra tweaks Pluto on the 6th and opposes Uranus on the 10th, so being aware of any controversy around you can help you avoid a confrontation. If we are but consciously mindful of our surroundings and those in our vicinity, we can avert any difficulty that might be brewing. Try to achieve an attitude of fairness and equality, in order to truly see any situation in a realistic manner — don’t let biases or anger win out over common-sense. Use the beauty and majesty of the humble spirit of this season to bring calmness, serenity and peace into your heart. Breathe in the loving essence, the spiritual aura and bounty of human kindness that we all know is the basis for good will and Peace on Earth.

The Winter Solstice arrives on the 21st when the Sun moves into the sign Capricorn, bringing some practical, every-day common-sense to the fore. Using the energy of this Earthy Cardinal sign will give us the ability to cut through any issues or problems that are pending. The Solstice also stimulates our ancient connection to the Earth, to our ancestors and to the circle of life in which we all have our part to play. Feel the vibrations of our Universe in its primeval movement and evolutionary harmony that has been sheltering our Earth for millennia. Move with the Seasons in their age-old dance of change and mystery. Tune in to the magnificent beauty of Spring — as new life bursts forth from the ground, the steamy heat of the Summer Sun — as its warmth helps our crops grow and flourish, our colorful Autumn with its riotous color and fruitfulness — as we gather the bounty from the fields, the darkness  of the Cold Winter Sun — bringing a time for the Earth to rest — winds sweeping the snow into fantastic and artistic shapes, icy temperatures biting into our cheeks and noses, making us grateful for the warmth of our hearths at home. Each Season’s passage enriching our lives with their ancient variations of the rhythm of life.

On the 24th Venus in Scorpio is in good aspect to generous Jupiter in Virgo presaging feelings of good-will and especially positive connections to those we love. We can learn to move with the harmony of the Planets in order to enhance our lives, use the positive messages of the stars to move yourself to an ever higher level of evolution.

Look forward as this year ends to the anticipation of a New Year on the horizon, with its infinite possibilities for fresh growth, advancement, enthusiasm, and love! We all have the chance to write our story on the blank page of a new journal. Make this Holiday season, and the coming New Year your year to shine.

Blessings to all and Peace on Earth!







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