New Moon in Sagittarius — December 11, 2015

The New Moon crests in the sign Sagittarius on December 11th at 5:30 AM EST at 19 degrees. Having the Sun and Moon in the same sign for 2 1/2 days will bring a spring to our step and a song in our heart. Upbeat, forward looking and usually ready to have fun, our Sagittarian born are our best friends, our cohorts and our beloved family members. Those born on or near the 11th or having a Planet at or near 19 degrees of Sagittarius will experience a new lunar cycle in line with their Sun or the Planet involved. Learn to work with the elements of the Zodiac to fulfill your highest potential during your lifetime here on Earth.

The outer Planets Uranus and Pluto are in a negative position on the 10th with Mars interfering and exasperating the already feisty field in play. Just watch your back, take care of any financial issues, and make sure you check your financial statements for any discrepancies. We can modify any negative aspects that are ongoing by being aware and taking action when necessary. Also on the 18th there is an esoteric aspect that may give those who have placements at 25 or 26 degrees of Sagittarius a quick “pick-me-up” with a bolt out of the blue!  All of the planetary movements of the outer Planets are giving us a chance to grow, to improve, and to become more refined in our personal lives. This is a long process that takes many years to come to fruition — impatience, anger, and frustration are a byproduct of our resisting what we know we should be doing. Let go of ego, self-interest and vanity to allow those feelings of humanity into your heart. Open your spirit to a higher power and find your true self in selflessness!

Venus in Scorpio until December 30th will bring deep feelings of love and longing for those old-fashioned holidays of our childhood. Our senses cry out for the innocence and naivety of our younger selves when we could believe in the magic and wonder of our experiences, without the onus of having the responsibility to create that enchanted world for our own children and families. It’s time to relax, have a hot cup of tea, and reflect on how well you have done, how far you have come, and how wonderful it will be again this year as everything eventually falls into place. Enjoy these heady days of charm and welcome — embrace your inner-child and let your eyes become the eyes of that long-ago child to see the wonder, faith, and spirit of this season.

The Winter Solstice arrives on the 21st with the Sun moving into Capricorn, a time of renewal and awakening of the ancient rhythms of our yearly journey. Allow this time for reflection to see how well you have traversed this past year, and to look forward to the year to come. Feel the freshening of our psyches as we complete the cadence of another passage in our lives, as the tempo of the year slows to its invariable ending — we embrace the opportunity to begin anew. We all now have a blank page on which  to write out our progress. These time-spans are our reminder to check in to our psyches, hearts and spirits to see if we are on the right pathway through this lifetime. As I grow older, I find the years are passing with a lightning-like speed — it takes my breath away — and I must remind myself to take the time to pause and reflect or I find myself floundering. We all say “Where does the time go?” it’s up to us to keep track of our lives in order to make the most of each and every day. Our human life-span should be at least 84 years (a complete cycle of Uranus around the Zodiac) — so many of us do not make it to this point — it behooves each of us to live each day in beauty, harmony and love in order to appreciate our greatest gift — of life — being here on Earth, with the opportunity to evolve to our highest potential! Live in the spirit of hope, faith, and the continuity of mankind’s ultimate evolution into a higher realm.

Our purpose here is to give everyone a way to influence their own lives and the lives of their loved ones with the power and energy of the New Moon. Since Sagittarius has sway over the law, religion, banking, medicine, higher education, our pastors, sports heroes, and yes, politicians, we can use this energy in all of these areas. Most especially, Sagittarius has realm over new beginnings — and with Jupiter in practical Virgo now, we can use this combination to enhance our affirmations, wishes, dreams and requests with a common-sense approach to all we feel we need.

With the New Moon in Sagittarius nothing is off the table for wishes — Sagittarius embraces all of mankind with joyful abandon. Think about what would make your life better and would improve the lives of those you love. Need a better job, more flexibility in using your time, questioning your faith, seeking a higher source of peace and fulfillment, need a vacation, want to feel more optimistic in your future, just want some relief from stress and anxiety, work with this New Moon’s power to open your psyche to the possibilities of renewal and growth. Be specific in your quests, name names, give details, make the request yours and yours alone. Believe in your own innate strength to have an impact on your life — write out your affirmations as soon as possible after the New Moon crests at 5:30 AM EST for the most powerful spiritual and and divine energy being expelled. Although all day will work well and you can take your time in wording your individualized requests. Breathe in the magic and wonder of the planetary harmony and Universal power at your fingertips — feel the enchantment of your own worthiness and have faith that you can bring positive changes into your life.




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