Venus Enters Scorpio — December 4, 2015

Venus entered Scorpio on December 4th at 11:15 PM EST — and will remain in the sign until entering Sagittarius on December 30th. Venus in Scorpio is often overwhelming to Lady Venus, at times stretching her capabilities of feeling to the breaking point. Deep and intense, Venus becomes  immersed in the physical and emotional angst of our rudimentary sexuality. Lady Venus is all about loving kindness and unconditional love — however — in Scorpio the fierceness of our physical emotions burn with an intensity and depth that know no bounds, often giving Lady Venus difficulty in remaining genuine and sincere. The physical can overcome the spiritual and emotional vibrations of Lady Venus and her usual persona is swamped by the super-heated sensations that engulf her delicate sense of balance. Venus in Scorpio is all about feeling — it can be a gut-wrenching over-the-top emotional storm, or an intense love connection so strong all other passions are left by the wayside. Losing all sense of propriety and modesty Lady Venus in Scorpio can become the ultimate vamp, using her wiles to entice those who enter her realm into forbidden depths. Depending on the placement in one’s chart, Venus in Scorpio can become the highest form of unconditional love for mankind or sink to the depths of obscure physical obsession. Fortunately — most of us will fall in between the outer boundaries of the extremes of both sides, using Venus in Scorpio to help us understand our physical needs and desires within the confines of a healthy and vigorous lifestyle.

Lady Venus in Scorpio can bring us the most intense love connection of our lives, give us the emotional stamina to reach an understanding of unconditional love, and stimulate our psyche to a depth of perception that will enhance our emotional quotient to its most sensitive level. We all need Venus in Scorpio to realize our true human nature in all the fields of love, kindness and compassion.

On the 11th (also the date of the New Moon) we find Venus in Scorpio in good aspect to Neptune in Pisces bringing us to the heights of unconditional love and caring. Our dreams may have an incendiary quotient that stays with us during the day, and we may also feel a strong connection to our loved ones or a new acquaintance. We might also experience a renewal of faith from an act of kindness or a loved one’s improved well-being. In concert with the New Moon in Sagittarius — our belief system may get an unusual sign of sanctioning. The 17th brings us a moderate blending of Venus in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn — perhaps solidifying a relationship or pushing your agenda for a better position in business. Christmas Eve Day has a wonderful aspect between Venus and Jupiter that will enhance our family gatherings, bring a loving aura over all your relationships, and will engage your senses with a plethora of input from the gifts you receive to the personal interplay between family members. Jupiter will enfold us in an Earthy warmth throughout the Holidays. Uranus in Aries will turn direct on Christmas evening — so all day this powerhouse will be strong in its ability to create some confusion or bewilderment with a sudden unexpected happening. Stay aware of any controversy brewing, and gently guide the participants to a neutral corner. Connecting with the Moon in Cancer on the 26th, our Lady Venus in Scorpio will become more nurturing and will ply us with food and drink! Partake of it all in moderation and all will be well. After a bit of a clash with Pluto on the 30th, Lady Venus breathes a sigh of relief as she moves on to jolly Sagittarius in the wee morning hours — more playful and engaging when in Sagittarius, our Lady Venus leaves intense and passionate Scorpio behind with a Mona Lisa smile of mystery!

Hint —  find your Venus in Scorpio love at a film noir, at a goth festival, while shopping for or wearing black or bright red stilettos, in a darkened old tavern, while buying new red lipstick, at a mystery book signing, in a trendy nightclub, buying cigars for a friend, enjoying a spicy dinner in an authentic ethnic restaurant, buying a shiny red or black car, at a magic show, buying caviar, or on a tropical island.


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