Winter Solstice — December 21, 2015

The Winter Solstice brings a winding down, a soul-quieting moment during the year in which we can reassess our lives, think about our future and make resolutions we try to keep. It seems as if there is nothing but fallow ground, snow-blanketed vistas and no true warmth from the Sun to make us feel alive. Yet in the stillness of this season we can feel the Earth healing itself after all of the burdens of  planting, growing and harvesting our fields. This somnolent time is one of reclaiming and re-energizing not only the physical land but our fragile and weary psyches.

All year long we are under bombardment from our jobs, our family obligations, our failures, our successes won with our hard work, our temptations, our struggle to survive in this modern,  hectic and often unforgiving world. Now is the time to reevaluate, review, heal, and discover if our pathway throughout the last year was the right path for us to follow. As the Earth endeavors to recover from the demands made upon her throughout the past year, she drinks in the nutriment from the fallen autumn leaves, detritus, and dormant seeds that will burst forth in the Spring, the snowfall that brings sustenance and new life into her soil, she rests during this time of tranquil revitalization and recoups the needed nourishment in order to get ready for the ancient cycle of renewal, growth and gathering to come. This is also our human pattern from ages past — our ancestors hunkered down in their caves, tepees, yurts, mud huts, shacks or homes in order to survive the harsh winter weather that could last for months. In their preparation for this time they stocked up on home grown produce, dried and salted meat or fish, berries and nuts foraged from their local area, hopeful they had stored enough in their root cellars to get them through until the blessed warmth of Spring when they would begin anew their primeval routine.

Today most of us don’t have to store our foodstuffs prior to the cold — we have supermarkets and neighborhood shops that will supply us with whatever we need — indeed, we can even call in our orders for food and it will be delivered to our doorstep. The ancient one’s didn’t have that privilege — in their wisdom they worked within the harmony of Mother Nature and with prayer and invocation urged the Gods to be generous to them with their bounty — with ample crops to keep them healthy, and firewood enough to keep them warm as the winter storms, gales and blizzards hammered at their doors.

Humanity survived because they believed they could! The early people worked together, helped one another and developed family groups in order to be stronger against all hardships. Today our families  are often miles apart, separated by land and sea, and we must make Herculean efforts in order to get together — as we move into the Holiday Season, so many are on the move in their deep desire to get to their family homes, their foundations, their birthright. We who are blessed to be near our loved ones during these Holy days revel in our connection to each other, to our love for one another and for being able to share our bounty. We gather in our warm homes, embrace each other with affection and happiness for their joining with us to celebrate this special season. We relish our connection as kin, as family, as the family of Man — we are thankful for our humanity and for the civilization in which we can live as we wish, worship as we want, and can embrace the knowledge of our mortality because we know it is the ancient pathway homo-sapiens has followed for our entire existence here on Earth.

Solstice — Sun standing still — a pause in time, a moment of tranquility — a breathtaking burst of light — opening our eyes to the expanse of our future — time immemorial — infinity. We stand still and quiet to absorb the tremendous majesty of our ancestors — feeling the enormity of time and space as we hurtle through the cosmos for eternity.

This year as we approach our holidays, we will have to deal with the Full Moon in Cancer on the 25th, cresting at 6:12 AM EST. For those traveling prior to the holiday, it will behoove them to stay calm in the face of delays or hiccups along the way. Better to arrive late than not at all — and try to see the big picture of “time and space” — allow yourself to be centered and meet any issues with the outlook that “this too shall pass” — as indeed it will. Remember that you are traveling in order to reach those you love the most, make sure this will be a memorable celebration for all the right reasons. I wish you safe and timely travels, a wonderful holiday full of love and kindnesses, fond memories to last a lifetime, and every blessing to bring you joy!

Peace on Earth — Goodwill to Mankind


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