January’s Astrological Activity — 2016

January seems to be a transitional month after all of the Holiday busyness — here in New England it is usually cold and often stormy, we might even look forward to the dark days of Winter as we hunker down in our warm homes and reflect on this New Year with its pristine unchartered landscape ahead of us. There are many major Planetary aspects connecting and/or challenging us within the year ahead, however, I feel it is most effective to take one step at a time, and since the year is strategically made up into 12 months — it will behoove us to use this timeline that is the natural order of our Earthly environment. So many of us choose to make New Year’s Resolutions — we want to improve, change, break a habit, move onward and upward — but perhaps we should stop a moment to consider that we are already good enough — sometimes we are our own worse critics!

Sit a moment and reflect on what you accomplished in the last year — how you helped others — maybe had an epiphany and quit your job — realized that you were a good Mom/Dad — coped with an illness — took better care of your own health — found something you can really believe in — met that perfect someone — made peace with an old foe — felt comfortable in your own shoes! Possibly you don’t need to make any New Resolutions for yourself, but rather should think about the bigger picture — imagining a better world — a more peaceful and kinder Earth — a better outcome for all of mankind. Use your spiritual entity to draw toward you and your loved ones peace, good health, happiness and contentment. Allow yourself to just BE! No major improvements, no super goals, no neediness for bigger or better anything. Breathe in the essence of your own unique existence and live each day to the  full — find beauty everywhere — smile — give sincere complements —  feel the air on your skin — smell the freshening breezes — be aware of your surroundings — be happy — be fulfilled — be love incarnate! Just BE!

As the Sun enters each sign throughout the year in order starting with January/Capricorn, we can use this Light to help us work with the area of our chart that is being highlighted. In concert with the New and Full Moon locations we should have a pretty good idea of how our month will proceed. The consistent ancient rhythm of the Planetary ebb and flow throughout the year can give us a heads-up, and with a little knowledge, we can use this primal motion to enhance the quality and understanding of our lives.

January’s New Moon crests on the 9th at 19 degrees of Capricorn at 8:30 PM EST. Capricorn being a very Earthy Cardinal sign may suddenly bring us down to Earth with a bump when our credit cards come in after our Holiday shopping spree! However, it will also make us aware of just what we have to do to pay down those debts in order to have a clean slate to work with in the coming months. Capricorn — practical,  hard-working, employee-of-the-month, might be a perfectionist, or a germaphobe, caring but not overly effusive,  almost always on time, little forgiveness for slackers, but will give you the shirt off their back if they feel you need it, we love our Capricorn family and friends because they will always be there for us with pragmatic advice and the know-how to traverse tough times!

Caveat  —  Mercury will be in Retrograde Mode beginning at one degree of  the sign Aquarius on  January 5th, but returning to the sign Capricorn on the 8th, remaining in Rx mode until the 25th ending up at 14 degrees of Capricorn.

All those who have their Sun or any Planet within these Capricorn degrees might have to contend with delays, late mail, cancelled meetings, interrupted vacation plans or car/transportation troubles. Just being aware of this aspect alone can help us to adjust to any glitches that may come along. Depending on the House placement we can hone in on just where we may find some unusual happenstance. We all have to deal with Rx Mercury aspects 3 or 4 times a year, knowing the capricious nature of Mercury (Mercurial) we can adapt our schedules or as most of us do — simply wade through the mini-turmoils that may occur and handle them as best we can.

Jupiter in Virgo will turn Retrograde late on the 7th not turning direct until the 9th of May — we can use the indirect energy of this aspect to review our lives, find ways to reconnect with loved ones, find our deepest spirituality within our psyches, and start to take better care of our health and our loved ones. This combination of Jupiter’s largess and Virgo’s practicality will be of benefit to us for the duration of this Rx period. Work with the beauty, bounty and benefits that Jupiter in Virgo will bestow upon us — don’t ignore what the Universe is generously offering.

The Full Moon at 3 degrees of Leo will light up the evening of the 23rd, at 8:45 PM EST. Our usual cautions are always in place, if you are out and about during this phase, be aware of distracted drivers, anyone who is overly angry or erratic, and don’t become so frazzled because of some minor issue that you become unable to see the big picture. I believe we feel the energy of the Full Moon at least a day prior to its cresting — especially if you are a child of a Full Moon, or work in an area where there might be some emergency or catastrophe that you have to handle. Maintaining calm is the best way to restore the norm — even those appearing out-of-control will respond to someone talking to them in a knowledgeable, quiet, and well-balanced manner. Just keep those Spidey senses on high in order to avoid getting into a fray!

During the first week of the month, Mars enters Scorpio on the 3rd, and Mercury turns Retrograde on the 5th, at 1 degree of Aquarius, squaring Mars at 1 degree of Scorpio — the early morning time may lead to rush hour delays, traffic jams or tie-ups, perhaps leading to harsh disputes or rash actions. Leave a few days for Mercury in his stationary and more potent Heavenly hiatus to begin the Rx motion which will allow some of this intensity to fade before engaging in any controversy or action. Also during the morning rush hour on the 7th, we encounter the Capricorn Sun in square aspect to Uranus in Aries, perhaps leading to impulsive moves or unpredictable circumstances that will irritate and anger us. The 12th holds an early evening trine between Venus and Uranus, that might find us meeting a compatible friend for dinner. On the 13th we have the Sun in Capricorn trining Jolly Jupiter in Virgo at 23 degrees — this is a positive and optimistic meeting with a practical overview!  If you have a job interview, a health issue, or anything scheduled for that day, you will be well served to tune into the higher vibrations of this aspect in order to sway any outcome in your favor. If you have any personal issues you need to resolve, take advantage of this time-span to make amends or clear the air. A Mars/Neptune trine on the 18th may have brought us spiritual dreams the night before, or we awaken with the need to get moving in order to accomplish all of our goals for the day in a timely manner. This aspect may find us digging deep into our psyche to find our true reason for being. We can feel the need and passion coursing through our veins to take charge of our own lives. Your dream may have awakened an old need or desire that has yet to be fulfilled — you feel energized and spiritually strong. Tap in to your center in order to use this positive energy to bring you the life you always envisioned.

The Full Moon in Leo is on the 23rd, the same day Venus enters Capricorn, Mercury turns direct on the 25th, so we can begin to make plans and search out our own answers. With Venus in practical Capricorn we will realize how important it is to make lists, spell out our goals, and look at our relationships with a jaundiced eye. Are we really getting what we want out of this liaison? Are we kidding ourselves that this “person” is who we think they are? Have we romanticized our love interest just because he/she is different – cool – has a devil-may-care attitude – doesn’t follow the rules – makes us feel that we are living on the edge? Ask yourself — “is this the person I want as a helpmate, mother/father for my children, the most important person in my life — forever?” The Universe is giving us the opportunity to rid ourselves of those who won’t help us meet our goals, or might indeed hamper our forward motion. We all know we have encountered those who seem exciting, quirky, and so handsome or beautiful — yet we have found them shallow and narcissistic in the long run. Eliminate those negative influences in your life — now is the time!

When the Sun transitions into Aquarius, we will feel the energy around us being recharged — our eyes will be open to the newest and most creative happenings around. We will also be able to tap in to the creativity and artistic elan of this sign — if you are in a creative or art-driven occupation, now might be the time to strut-your-stuff! This can be your time to make connections, call in favors or find a way to get in front of those who can move your career into high gear! Opportunity will be knocking on your door, but you have to be ready to answer the call. Thinking outside the box will get you noticed, and will get the ball rolling in your favor. Open your heart to your own desires — move toward those goals you know you truly want to accomplish — 2016 can be your year to shine!

Peace on Earth




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