Mars Enters Scorpio — January 3, 2016

Mars will enter passionate Scorpio on January 3rd at 9:33 AM EST beginning an intense aspect with Mercury as it prepares to go into Retrograde Mode on the 5th at 1 degree of Aquarius. These two Fixed signs can dig in their heels and be very difficult to deal with. We all should probably hold our tongues when we feel the need to lash out in anger. Still the contact between these two can bring a sizzling idea to the fore and more than a little passion.

Fiery Mars in Fixed Scorpio will seem like a total mismatch — however both are zealous and have a deep need to be loved. Mars wants to take charge, make all the decisions, and be in total control — Scorpio has a different agenda and the strength to counteract all of Mars intensity. This disparate pair will jockey for position in their grandiose ways until they realize they are better off working in concert, together they can slay dragons and win the beautiful Prince or Princess.

Mars is all about the alpha male image — a warrior, hero, leader, handsome, and king of all he surveys! Scorpio although a feminine sign has a lot of masculine traits — fearless, intense, brave, stalwart, in control and sexy! Now to combine the two will take some compromising of each one’s ideals and goals. Our Mars in Scorpio folks are usually quite appealing to the opposite sex, emitting a smoldering subtle aura of sensuality and mystery. A bit difficult to “read”, these ardent individuals have the ability to comport themselves in most social situations as if they belong — no matter how posh or humble the position of the person is in real life. They have the ability to look into the soul of those they are dealing with at the moment — they seem to have an innate grasp immediately of those they encounter. If you meet a Mars in Scorpio person, you will most likely be impressed by their eyes, piercing, commanding, totally concentrated on with whomever they are having a conversation. It even may be a little intimidating to look directly into those penetrating eyes that seem to be seeing deep into your soul! Oh — these individuals are forceful yet desiring, strong yet empathetic, totally contained yet full of fiery yearnings! Once they make a commitment they will always be there — loyal, true and completely enamored of their one-and-only. It is important that they pick the right individual as their forever love, because they will not ever falter in their support and commitment.

Interesting times later in the month as the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square will encounter our Mars in Scorpio on the 18th — this can be a revelation to those born in the first week of December and the last week in February, bringing about a total change of outlook. If ready these individuals will find their consciousness being emotionally and mentally challenged and because of a personal trial will find they experience a mystical healing of sorts that will change them forever in a positive and constructive manner.This aspect will be in play throughout the latter part of the month — truth will crystallize deep within their psyches and change their attitude forever to becoming a wiser and more compassionate human being.

There is an omnipresent aura during this month that will pique the deepest levels of all our spirits, Neptune is challenging us to bring our beliefs and truths into the open and to manifest them in the real world for the betterment of mankind. It also will seek to unmask any unworthy souls who try to take advantage of those who are weaker or less savvy in the ways of finance, love and all of the basic tenets most of us hold dear. Living with Mars in Scorpio gives strength, courage and tenacity in all phases of our lives — tune in to the higher message of this aspect and live in the light of your own truths!

 Mars in Scorpio Love Style — If you desire intensity, loyalty, deeply passionate love, then this is your ultimate choice — of course, there must be some serious connections throughout your Zodiac charts! Not everyone is going to find the degree of adoration from these individuals is their cup of tea — this is love to the “nth” degree. It is difficult to explain just how tolerant a Mars in Scorpio mate can be — they will overlook many issues that others would find untenable or even offensive. Their commitment is overwhelmingly to keep this relationship going through thick and thin, good and bad, sickness and health. There isn’t much that will sway a Mars in Scorpio lover from staying with his/her “soul-mate”. So choosing their one-and-only is something that must be taken seriously — they want a forever love — and will fight to maintain the relationship long after others would have given up.

Depending on the aspects throughout each one’s Zodiac Chart, we would look for other compatible signs in order to seek balance. Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign (emotional and determined) — Mars is a Cardinal Fire sign (headstrong, controlling and perhaps an egotist) — both have a passionate and intense physical need they want fulfilled. This match up can be the epitome of a magical and lifelong love-affair — or a needy and never-fulfilled contest between two obstinate beings who will vie with each other in a never-ending dance macabre. Possibly there isn’t another combination that would produce such diverse emotions as this duo. It can be Beauty and the Beast, or Cinderella and her Prince — such is the emotionally charged diversity involved.

On a positive note — Mars in Scorpio can bring us to the heights of true commitment and love — if we are capable of mastering the lesser emotional issues that can surface. Loving, caring, and loyal — our Mars in Scorpio brethren can show us the way to the highest form of unconditional love.






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