Free Your Mind — December 24, 2008 — by Jone Victoria

On the eve of Christmas, the only gift from me to you is one of perspective. Most of you know that great line in the song by En Vogue, Free Your Mind.

Free your mind and the rest will follow.

The New Year is approaching. Consider reprogramming your inner dialogue.

Instead of: “Things never go right for me.” Think: “I am in alignment with the Universal Plan.”

Instead of: “I can’t.” Think: “I deserve to have all the riches that a good life offers. I ask that the Universe shows me what to do to change my current situation.” (Then pay attention to your dreams or sudden thoughts that come into your consciousness.)

Instead of: “I’m sick and can’t go out; be with friends; no one knows what it’s like.” Think: “I take responsibility for my actions and accept that my behavior and thoughts have manifested some part of this illness. I will face my fears and anger and accept that I cannot cure my dis-ease alone.”  (Then seek qualified help from a therapist, homeopathic doctor, religious leader, sponsor, etc.)

If you can think and visualize the life you want you must move towards the goals you seek. To begin moving forward eradicate negative thoughts, people, and circumstances from your life. It’s difficult! It’s challenging! But what are the alternatives?

Life is about choices. What choices are you making?

We all have been in a low point more than once in our lives. It’s how fast you pick yourself up and dust yourself off that matters.

Negative thoughts can be addictive. Don’t feed it 24/7.

We are here.

On this planet.

At this time.

To help each other.





I was looking for something from Jone for the New Year — and came across this post — it was very bittersweet, as I remembered that she lost her battle with pancreatic cancer two years later on Christmas Day. Still, she lived every moment of her life with a positive and optimistic outlook — always seeking balance, healing and helping others, seeing the pain and suffering that is rampant throughout this world. Always trying to be of help, she counseled, coached, taught, and learned so many harsh lessons, that she had empathy to spare. Cognizant that we are all merely human beings, trying our best to get along in the world, she brought hope and courage to those in despair. It’s been five years since her passing and I miss her still. In my quiet times I often feel her presence, but sometimes when she really wants my attention she will manifest a spiritual message I cannot miss! I can still hear her laughter and glee as she swooped in on a Spring Equinox morning with flowers in her hair, sprinkling glitter and wildflowers on my kitchen table — leaving as quickly as she appeared with a twinkle in her eye and that euphoric merriment of her persona wafting in the air! I am smiling at the memory of our long and loving friendship.


2 comments on “Free Your Mind — December 24, 2008 — by Jone Victoria

  1. That is so beautiful those loving memories of your dear friend. Sometimes we have to embrace the fact we are being so called “negative” because we have to embrace our pain but we can do it lovingly and as you said there is a solution and a way to heal once we can acknowledge the so called “negativity” and turn it around.

    • Throughout our lives there are lessons to learn, and some bring sadness and pain — embracing all of our emotions as human beings helps us evolve into ever higher forms of ourselves. We live, love, learn and eventually leave — yet our spirits are as infinite as the Universe — thank you for your understanding. Nancy

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