New Moon in Capricorn — January 9, 2016

The New Moon crests at 8:30 PM EST on January 9th at 19 degrees of the sign. I always feel that the New Moon in Capricorn gives us a practical outlook on our true ideas about what will bring us the most fortunate strategies to pursue throughout the coming year. We all have a good idea about what we want and what we need. The two may not be compatible in any way, however in our own ideal world we have definite goals and just need the ability, talent, money or pathway to go for them. Therein may lie the problem — the wherewithal to actually have the assets to be able to reach our goals during this lifetime! Sometimes just going one step at a time is the best plan — and the New Moon in Capricorn is the perfect helpmate in this regard. Capricorns are dogged in their determination to reach their goals, however, they understand that it’s not going to happen all at once. Whether it’s a good education you need, an apprenticeship, lessons from a master, innate talent or just time in your chosen field, with the New Moon in Capricorn you will be able to make a sensible step-by-step plan to get to your goals.

Of course, right now we are in the midst of a Retrograde Mercury period (Jan. 5th to 25th – in Capricorn) — sigh! So —  many of the things we decide to pursue during this time frame — especially anything totally and completely new, may have to be repeated or changed in some manner. This doesn’t mean our New Moon has no value, indeed — ideas and plans made in concert with a Capricorn New Moon will have staying power. However, we may have to build in a contingency plan to coordinate all aspects of our New Moon affirmations, wishes and desires. For instance — you want a new job or position — perhaps there will be a waiting period before it comes to fruition, and you may be required to have several interviews, to take a course or some training to become fully versed in all that is needed. Or — you are looking for a new home, your ideal house is on the market — but somewhat above your maximum price. You may find that it is still for sale in a month or so at a reduced cost! Rx Mercury seems to put barriers in our way, but staying with your ultimate plan will give you an edge when it returns Direct on the 25th. Often, Rx Mercury will help to resolve an issue that’s been on the back burner, or that you thought was settled unfairly or not in your favor — you may find it’s been reviewed and you get a second chance at just what you wanted.

If we are candid in our requests, you will find that you will have a better result just by being true to yourself and your ultimate goals. Taking the Bull by the Horns and being brutally honest will, in the long run, prove to work the best. The powerful aspects between the Planets now will impact our thought patterns and if we are open-minded enough, will set us on the right path. Saturn/Neptune can help to open our eyes to the fact that our fantasies are just that — pie-in-the sky ideas that have little merit. Get real with what you know you want/need, and then make plans accordingly. Don’t sugar-coat your lack of success to others, or circumstances beyond your control — it’s your life and it will be what you make of it throughout your time here on Earth.

Mars in Scorpio will enhance whatever Zodiac house it lives in — it will help us eliminate any negative influences in our lives. Brutally candid in its appraisal of what is really good for us or who is going to make our lives better — you will be able to “see” through those habits or people who are a detriment and are just dragging you down on your upward journey to a better life. It’s time to clean up your act and get the clutter out of your life! You know you deserve all good things because you’ve worked long and hard for everything you have garnered in this world. Don’t let your misplaced empathy enable another to be an anchor around your neck! Mars will be in good aspect to Neptune on the 18th of the month giving us the strength to imagine our lives as they should be — use the beauty of this aspect through the end of the month to enhance your chances to begin anew — start over — or revamp your ideas and let your new awareness reflect in the way your write out your affirmations!

Venus in Sagittarius until the 22nd when it moves into Capricorn will lighten our minds and make us more likely to be open to new flights of fancy! Like a new puppy exploring its world, everything is interesting, fun and surprising — allow your inner-child to experience that kind of joy! When Lady Venus enter Capricorn on the 23rd, it will be one more reality check for us to contend with as we wander through this labyrinth of life! Use your mind, your spirit and your innate “knowing” to help guide you to the perfect pathway that will bring you and your loved ones the most reward.

Now to the real work of writing out our affirmations, wishes, desires and needs — think about each of the issues you wish to address — be practical and perhaps a bit critical of your choices. Vet each entry with an eye to getting the most positive return. Embrace your most intimate thoughts with the idea that everything is on the table — try something different — expand your horizons — think outside the box! Capricorn is very staid, pragmatic, stable, loyal and respectable — but you can put down in writing anything that is important to you! You may want more respect at work, to find your perfect job, to enhance your ability to communicate, free yourself of any angst, taking responsibility for your own decisions, or finding that perfect helpmate for the rest of your life! Go for those things that will bring you comfort, security, respect, love, and happiness in this lifetime. The New Moon crests at 8:30 PM EST on January 9th, at 19 degrees of Capricorn.

Synchronicity will increase your chances of success — write out your affirmations if you can, as soon as possible after the New Moon crests — this is the most potent and influential time — however the energy of the New Moon will last for the next 24 hours. Do this for yourself, your family and your loved ones — it only takes a few moments of your time, but the benefits can last forever — Peace!




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