The New Moon is at 19 degrees of  Capricorn today — it crests at 8:30 PM EST — work with this power  by writing out your affirmations, wishes and desires! The energy of the New Moon can empower us when we write out our deepest, most desired wishes. The dynamic vitality of all New Moons gives us an edge in putting our thoughts onto paper, and sending them into the ether to become our own reality by being manifested spiritually into our lives.

Allow yourself a few moments of meditation in a quiet spot to digest all of the thoughts swirling about in your mind — hone in on those changes or blessings you know will bring the most happiness, relief, or stability into your life. Feel your own energy throughout your body and mind, pay attention to those affirmations that keep repeating in your psyche. Think about how you want to express each wish — combine all the elements of your mind, heart and spirit to reach deep into that subliminal part of your persona that “knows” what is best for you and your loved ones. Life is like a labyrinth of many passageways, it is up to us to choose the most positive and rewarding paths, look for those corridors of light that will bring you your bliss.

And we all can dream about winning that massive jackpot today!  lol   If not — enjoy your life for the blessings and good you now enjoy — Peace!


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