Martin Luther King Day — January 18th 2016 — Mars Trines Neptune

As we celebrate Martin Luther King Day we are reminded that to dream an impossible dream may be our destiny. On this particular holiday this year, we are given a remarkable aspect that can help raise mankind’s consciousness throughout the world. On the 18th, Mars in Scorpio (our passion and energy) will Trine (a positive aspect) Neptune in its own sign Pisces (our empathy, compassion and dreams)! Mars will energize our passions for honesty, truth and integrity as it stimulates our spirit of compassion and fairness! Neptune can bring us lucid dreams that will stimulate our inner spirit to identify those necessary  changes we must make if we are to evolve into our highest fulfillment as human beings. If we can assimilate these two seemingly opposite entities into a cohesive amalgam of their best qualities, we can raise our perception of the highest form of human empathy and caring. Mars is a fire sign with vast wells of desire and a physical longing for justice and truth, dignity and desire, love and honor — Neptune a water sign, brings our deepest need for connecting to one another and an immense and limitless imagination to actually SEE what our dreams can truly fulfill. Together tapping into this combination can help us to move mountains in order to elevate our psyches to our highest levels of human realization.

While honoring Martin Luther King we should all try to tap into his profound grasp of justice and fair-mindedness — and if possible we should try to emulate his ability to capture the essence of what our own truth for humanity looks like. Tune in to the beauty of the Mars/Neptune Trine in order to increase the positive  dynamics of human interaction. We are our brother’s keeper — as we raise up each person and see them as the miracle of wonder that they are, we compliment our own humanity!

The Mars/Neptune Trine will crest tomorrow at 6:02 AM EST — so as we arise to a new dawn, let us all be aware that there is still much to be done in creating the cosmopolitan world we should aspire to be living within. Tap in to the ethereal combination of passion, imagination, truth, beauty, inspiration, spiritual ethos, and brotherhood that Martin Luther King aspired — we can evolve into our highest form of human-being. Dream your own impossible dreams and bring them into your own reality.

Blessings and Peace on Earth!


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