Venus Enters Capricorn — January 23, 2016

Lady Venus enters practical and pragmatic Capricorn on January 23rd at 3:32 PM EST, residing there until she enters quirky Aquarius on February 16th at 11:17 PM EST. This is a short time for Capricorns to rally their forces and find their true love! As Lady Venus traverses through the 30 degrees of Capricorn, each degree will be visited by her beauty, elegance and elan! However our Lady is moving quickly so there isn’t much time to be spent in longing from afar or waiting to be noticed. Our Capricorn would-be lovers must strike while the burning embers of Venus loving caress is within their grasp. ‘Oho’ you say — this is not Capricorn’s style — slow, steady, step-by-step is more to their liking — but in this scenario — time is of the essence — and Capricorns must get the attention of their would-be intended as soon as possible. Once they have established a friendly contact — they can then take their time in wooing and courting as considerately and carefully as they like. Remember according to Alfred Lord Tennyson — “ ‘Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all”.

Lady Venus in Capricorn is elegance personified — noble, smart, no-nonsense, and yes even queenly! Her good taste is obvious in her fashion, home-decor, choice of vehicle, and profession. No  entry-level jobs for this Lady of Venusian persuasion — rather a take-charge business executive, fashionista, gallery owner, fastidious caterer, doctor, lawyer or any place her education, knowledge and style sense will be of value. She could rule the World with her grasp of politics and business — become the leader of a high-tech industry — or be the Mom on the block everyone envies! Perhaps not as warm and huggable as our usual Venus Ladies, she makes up for it with confidence, know-how and the ability to hone in on what needs to be done and she does it efficiently and with little fuss.

January 23rd is also the day of the Full Moon in Leo — adding a royal touch to the day! Emotions may be running high and it would be wise to keep an eye on your personal property, purse or credit cards. Also if out late on this Saturday evening be aware of slippery conditions (here in New England especially) — and be cautious of reckless drivers. Also you never have to take back words you don’t say! Think about the worth of any angry outbursts and perhaps hold your tongue!

On the 30th there is a beautiful Venus in Capricorn/Neptune in Pisces aspect around noon-time that you may find helpful in connecting to a loved one or being in the right place at the right time to be of service to someone in need. Allow yourself to tap into this spiritual moment and find a blissful interval of pure delight. You might be remembering this time for many years to come as a magical and ethereal bit of true compassion, love and karma.

Venus is conjunct Pluto on the 5th of February, bringing an intensity to feelings and perhaps a small upset with a loved one. Pluto can bring up issues you thought were long forgotten and you might bristle at the reminder — take a deep breath — and respond with a loving thought or positive statement — it will have the ability to alleviate  the situation and perhaps avoid a hurtful spat! On the 6th Lady Venus in Capricorn meets up with Uranus in Aries making the air crackle with an unexpected clash of temper. Don’t let someone push your buttons — listen intently and truly hear what is being said — then with your usual tact give your reply without rancor or anger. The ball is in your court and you can play this scenario as you wish.On the 7th Venus and the Sun dance together for a moment that can bring you in touch with a superior that will notice your abilities in a good way. You might even decide to have a drink together after work! The 10th brings Lady Venus and Jupiter together in the wee hours of the morning, you may find you awaken in a good mood to find that overnight some happy news entered your realm. The 15th brings us a happy dawn with the Moon combining with Venus to start our day with happy feelings of gratitude and love. Lady Venus moves on to enter Aquarius on the 16th — and what an adventure she will have!

Hint — Find your Venus in Capricorn love in an elegant restaurant, the country club, at a PTA meeting, while attending an art show or play, while having your taxes done, on vacation in a luxury resort, in the library, bank, or law office, enjoying a college reunion or alumni meeting, aboard a yacht, buying new furniture or household appliances, by meeting the girl/guy your mother’s been talking about, at a coffee shop, or when you least expect to!



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