Valentine’s Day Love Connections — February 14th 2016

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d give some idea of how we humans make some of our love connections with the help of astrological aspects. Of course, this is just the tiniest hint of the volcano of hot flowing passion that encompasses the variety of our personal preferences. There is no “One size fits all” — when it come to our diverse desires in seeking our own true love.

On this year’s Valentine’s Day (14th) the Moon is in Taurus bringing an Earthy warmth and a desire for connecting with our loved ones. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign that engenders strong feelings, a deep yearning to find the “one”, and brings stability to the relationship. Loving the good things in life, Taurus wants only the best for their loved ones. The Sun in Aquarius another Fixed sign (but in the Air element) gives us an adventurous outlook in accepting someone who might not “fit” their usual type. Both Taurus and Aquarius live in your Zodiac chart — find the houses they occupy to give yourself an idea of what these areas might bring your way! A morning meeting might find you seeing someone in a new light, it may be a coworker you hadn’t noticed before, or with the Moon trine Pluto aspect it may be a handsome or beautiful and mysterious stranger. Around the dinner hour a Moon trine Jupiter aspect can find you having a romantic dinner at a fine-dining establishment with your one-and-only!  Keep a warm and cheerful smile on your face today — you never know who will be drawn into your happy realm —  LOVE is always in the air!

Love Connections

Why does it seem opposites attract? Why are some signs so compatible? What is the enigmatic chemistry that overwhelmingly attracts one person to another? In astrology there are certain aspects that can help in determining those who will have a sudden attraction, those who will slowly build up a long-term relationship, those who find love at first sight, and those who are karmic soul-mates.

There are no guarantees that all will be long-term relationships no matter the intensity of their initial meeting — indeed — personal actions, family stressors, and life’s ups-and-downs will take their toll on many matches that were once thought to be storybook romances. But we can peruse the Zodiac and give a few hints as to your best chances at having a long-lasting and loving partnership throughout your lifetime.

Venus and Mars and the Moon

The biggest indicators in the romance and love fields are Venus – Feminine (Planet of love, caring and compassion) and Mars  – Masculine (Planet of passion, energy, ardor and lust). The Moon is our emotional quotient, and when compatible goes a long way in maintaining a relationship. Lady Venus with her feminine attributes and subtle beauty attracts attention wherever she roams — Mars is always noticed as he enters a room with his swagger and masculine boldness. Together they combine to form our “love” profile depending on the signs and houses they are in within your chart, and the aspects (or lack thereof) between them. Each combination will have a unique vibration, but their relationship with the other Planets in your chart can weaken or enhance their strength. So many combinations — but first let’s answer the earlier questions!

  • Why do opposites attract?  In astrology, each sign of the Zodiac has its opposite within the chart wheel: Aries/Libra, Taurus/Scorpio,Gemini/Sagittarius,Cancer/Capricorn,Leo/Aquarius,Virgo/Pisces, and of course it follows Libra is opposite Aries, etc.

Astrology teaches us that we are drawn to our opposite sign because they in turn have some aspects of their personality that enhances something that is missing in our own. For instance Aries is all action and fiery drive — Libra its opposite is all about balance and tact! Our Aries would-be lover can feel that their Libra cohort is able to finesse his/her way around office angst and and family squabbles, and they want that ability for themselves. Libra sees Aries opportunistic ability to take charge and get things done, and envies that talent to push ahead with one’s own agenda! However, when they try to get together — unless there are other compatible aspects in each chart — they will be vying against one another as they both are Cardinal-driven signs that like to be in charge! Alas — all might not work well with this fiery and airy combination — but if they have good vibes between Mars and Venus this might be a match made in Heaven! Each opposition will have its own unique issues, and values — sometimes there is a magical connection where the partners are in such complete unity they fit like a hand in a glove, opposite in all the right ways — so that there is little competition.

  • Why are some signs so compatible? Those signs who’s Suns share the same Element, i.e., Fire, Earth, Air and Water — will find compatibility within their companionable Elements. For instance:
  • Fire signs (Aries,Leo,Sagittarius) although having different profiles will engage with other Fire signs in their energy patterns and their fervor for life! The only issue here, is that there is a combustible factor that can burn out quickly if there aren’t other accommodating aspects within each chart! Fire people need lots of input and have a desire to keep busy — and they all have a LOW threshold for boredom! So it will have to be two dynamos who complement each other with their zest for life in all its phases. And, at least one will have to be able to put aside their usual competitive spirit in order to maintain a semblance of routine within the family unit.
  • Earth signs (Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn) enjoy all the good things in life and have a deep love of family, tradition, and honor. They want to live life to the full, and want to have stability and affection in all the stages of their lives. This pairing can have a wonderful home life, be totally enamored of their chosen partner, and they are willing to sacrifice to keep their family unit in tact throughout their lives. Earthy and unpretentious, in tune with the seasons and going with the flow of life in general, this combo can work when both seek the same goals and work together in sync.
  • Air signs (Gemini,Libra,Aquarius) are capricious and mentally active throughout their lives and need a lot of input both mentally and physically. They usually understand one another almost without speaking, however, some do enjoy the social scene more than others and there can be a disconnect if one is sequestered with child-care or other necessary chores while the other is free to dash off at a moments notice for business or pleasure! Often flirty, open to new ideas, a bit jealous, interested in almost everything, and willing to take chances — there can be a down side if one is seeking a more stable and discreet lifestyle. But there will be laughter and fun!
  • Water signs ( Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces) are the emotional and compassionate fourth quadrant of our Elements. Their feelings are worn on their sleeves (except perhaps Scorpio), you almost always know how and what they are feeling and experiencing. They bond quickly and there is a primal and karmic aura around them that attracts others of their ilk. Sometimes needy, shy, obsessively unsure of their own worth and their chosen companions, it can become burdensome to those who love them.  They need constant and consistent reinforcement that they are worthy and loved. In exchange, they are loving throughout their lifetime, would go to the ends of the Earth to protect and safeguard their loved ones, and are willing to compromise in order to keep the peace. This can be a magical combining of two spirits in love.
  • What is the Enigmatic chemistry that attracts one person to another? This question is a lot more difficult to answer in a simple way. For starters, a compatible Venus and Mars will be a factor more than likely — also compatible Sun signs will ensure egos won’t clash — then if there are Planets in the Fifth and Seventh Houses of your chart that are compatible and in sync that will boost both the “romance”  and the “partnership” angles. Still there are those elusive Moon issues — if both Moon signs are the same there might be an emotional connection, if the Moon signs compliment one another, communication might be easy and relaxed, if the Moon signs are opposite it may have the effect of opposites attracting on an emotional level — each bringing something to the table that the other lacks. Human chemistry is too complex and too elusive to make any definitive statements about. Indeed there are combinations in the millions that would have to be considered — for this post — we will try to simplify the most significant factors.
  • Mars and Venus — when in sync these two Planets will bring passion and compassion in equal measure. If you have both in the same sign you will have an intensity of emotion that will ensure that you “have a type” — and you will time and again choose a companion within that framework, i.e., both Planets in Leo — your instinct will be to pick a lover who is powerful, loyal, emotionally ardent, take-charge, and a bit full of him/herself! However, this confident attitude will draw you like a moth to a flame! If both Venus and Mars are in Libra, you will want someone with refined tastes, artistic, physically beautiful, and goal-oriented. You can infer that having these Planets in one sign will be a significant factor in the profile of the person you are physically and emotionally attracted to. In opposite signs you will have to see what other Planet or Planets might be involved — if Venus is in good aspect to your Sun then your Mars opposition may bring a bit of spice to your relationships. If Mars is conjunct Saturn there may be a need for an older and more stable person in your life. No fluttering gadabout for you! Each aspect of our chart may have some influence on what your ideal lover should be like — but I always hearken back to where both Venus and Mars live in one’s chart.
  •  The Moon — depending on what sign your Moon is in will give you a compatibility and emotional factor to consider — if your Moon is in passionate Scorpio — a physical relationship will be important to you throughout your life — also you will want loyalty and honesty in all phases of your relationship. If your Moon is in practical Virgo — you will seek out a good provider, a steady and fastidious mate, and one who can take a bit of criticism at times, if your Moon is in Aries you may want someone active and independent who will want to be involved in all phases of family life. And so it goes throughout the Zodiac.

Of course, there are those other Planets that can influence our preferences for a lover, partner, or companion — Mercury, Neptune, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto — if we have our Sun, Moon, Venus or Mars conjunct one of these Planets it will have a big influence on our choices! With Mercury there will be a need for total communication and intellectual compatibility. If conjunct Neptune one will need either spiritual closeness or religious intimacy and an almost ethereal connection that transcends human understanding. With Uranus in the mix, all bets are off — there might be such a strong and passionate initial connection that it cannot be upheld over a long relationship — hasty, quick moving, unexpected and overwhelming will be the bottom line. However, if able to be maintained, a lifetime of devotion and excitement. Having Jupiter’s largess will bring an abundance of good feelings, joy, and excess — if not balanced somewhere else in the chart — this could blow up like a balloon without some common sense or a strong foundation in faith. Saturn has a maturing aspect that will give the seeker a strong foundation of practical judgment. They may look for an older partner, or one who is well established in business or medicine. No will-o-the-wisp for this person — they want a long-lasting relationship that brings honor, integrity and decency into the mix. Pluto will bring the most Karmic connections (true soul mates) — whether for good or ill — there may be a strong desire to possess every fiber of the lover or to honor and admire them throughout the relationship. The feelings engendered by Pluto will be almost like a drug — addictive and obsessive — with negative Planetary placements within the chart this relationship could devolve into one of anxiety or manipulation,  or on the other hand, with positive Planetary placement within the chart and this can be an amazing true and infinite love.

Sudden attractions are often spurred on by the Planet Uranus — ruling the unexpected and unpredictable — these intense connections are often short-term and burn with an intensity that cannot be contained or repeated. Spending every hour of every day with each other in the initial stages can seem to be the most powerful and emotional roller-coaster ride of one’s life. Somewhere along the line as the passion begins to fade as such overwhelming powerful physical emotions cannot be sustained forever, you may find there really wasn’t that much compatibility. If, however, the cooling off period can survive with some intense lingering emotion maintained, the relationship may once again blossom into a more realistic and lasting bond.

Also involved with those loveat-first-sight situations, Uranus can hold sway — but there is usually another connection also at work — a strong Mars/Venus tie, Sun/Moon bond, or perhaps Venus/Neptune combination. We must also assume that there might also be a karmic link from a past-life association that has left something to be worked out, or it may be a blessing brought forward.

Most of us have experienced an instant like or dislike for someone they’ve just met — there is no rational explanation for such a visceral reaction on the worldly plain. However, taking karma into consideration there is a wealth of reasons for these dynamic reactions — if we have had a loving and compatible connection with this person in a past life, we are more likely to view them in a loving and kindly manner — if however, our relationship was one of anger or hatred, this emotion can bleed through into our real-world lives and we have a distinct distrust or a feeling of angst when meeting them now! I feel that we should pay attention to these instant feelings, but we should also give some time to assess them for a while. If this person is going to be in your life through a family member, you might have to make some accommodation in order to keep the peace — if you simply cannot bear the sight of this person, perhaps you will have to avoid them as much as possible. Karma brings us both loving and difficult personae into our lives — it is all a part of our individual pathway throughout our lifetime here on Earth. Don’t negate your instincts or gut-feelings — in either instance — there may be lessons to be learned.

I guess the bottom line is that there are so many ways to find your true love — (and there may be many candidates) — allow your feelings to dictate your actions within the boundaries of commonsense and practical considerations. When we feel we are in love — our chemistry is all askew and we should give ourselves some time to process just what it is we are sensing — is it just a physical reaction, emotional stirrings,  a meeting of the minds and hearts? One of the most pithy sayings I remember about true love was:

Love is a physical and intellectual connection — in the presence of emotional security!

If that’s what you feel you have — then go for the relationship — good luck — and three cheers for true love.










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