February’s Astrological Activity — 2016

February 2016 is starting off here in New England with above average temperatures, and after last years major storms and snowfall it seems like a blessing to me. The New Moon crests on February 8th (which also starts the Chinese Year of the Monkey) at 9:40 AM EST in the sign Aquarius at 19 degrees of the sign. All those whose birthday is on the 8th or close will be starting a new lunar cycle. The New Moon in the sign Aquarius is a wake up call for all of us to dust off any winter doldrums and find a way to shake up the status quo. It is as if we are mentally getting a cool freshening breeze in order to see things in a new way. Our Aquarian brethren are curious, mentally active, sometimes quirky or on the cutting edge of science, fashion, art, or indeed any field that catches their interest. Innovators, inventors, new-age, enjoying life and all of its ramifications and bringing all of us an interesting and original outlook on just about everything. A Fixed Air sign — Aquarius will occasionally dig in their heels when they find something or someone they don’t agree with, and they usually won’t give in to any moderation of their ideas. They bring us creative ways of “seeing” our world without hypocrisy or vitriol — accepting of our human foibles as just part of the whole collective of humanity. Aquarius love can encompass all of the human race, but finding that special someone can be a life-long journey — when they do connect with the one — it is a magical and karmic blend of mental and physical union with a decided element of wonder.

Our Aquarius New Moon on the 8th, will bring us the opportunity to write out our wishes, affirmations and desires with fresh ideas, a new outlook, and perhaps an original viewpoint about our truest dreams and our karmic bliss! Use this unique energy to embolden you to push the envelope of your usual requests and reach out for those seemingly impossible goals — you might find they are now within your grasp.

February’s Full Moon crests at 1:20 PM EST, on the 22nd in the sign Virgo at 3 degrees — in opposition to Neptune there may be some confusion and fogging of what is going on within your realm. Also, any issues with drugs can be exacerbated — check to make sure any prescription medicines have been filled correctly — and be aware of those who would try to take advantage of your good will. Virgo rules health issues and might bring a plethora of viruses or the flu — don’t let any illness go unchecked, and try to avoid those who have symptoms.

This uneasy time span will continue with Uranus also being piqued — unexpected issues may come to the surface and angry words spoken. Try to maintain a moderate response to any unanticipated happening — take a moment to breathe and take in all of the situation with a jaundiced eye — there may be someone with an underlying agenda or just being mean-spirited. Don’t give in to abrupt knee-jerk responses — observe and be discerning in your retort if necessary. Appropriate responses will go a long way in creating a more stable atmosphere and can relax those who may be temporarily out-of-control.

The Mars (Scorpio)/Pluto (Capricorn) sextile will help us move some of our plans forward in a practical manner. Mars will provide the energy and passion, and Pluto will help us formulate our plans in order to bring a positive transformation within our realm. Saturn in Sagittarius will be in good aspect to Uranus in Aries in the middle of the month again helping us to focus on our future  and bringing  us creative ideas as we have inner insight as to how to move our plans forward. Venus will move into Aquarius late on the 16th allowing Lady Venus to let down her hair and become the free spirited artiste, fashionista, or modern woman she longs to be. No blinders on this Lady — she knows what she wants and knows how to get it! Happily ensconced in her offbeat, avant-garde and unconventional home — whether condo, log cabin, house, or yurt — it will be her hideaway, castle, cottage, haven, and sanctuary. It will be the place she is most comfortable and at ease — coming home will help her release the cares of the day and will help to renew her spirit.

As the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th — we will become more contemplative and have better insight as to how we want to proceed with our deepest desires. Tap into the power of Neptune in its own sign Pisces to open your innermost psyche and feel the surge of intuition flow through your body. We all can use the special abilities we were born with to open our eyes to the magnificent world in which we are privileged to live. Allow yourself to be vulnerable to what the Universe is offering to us at all times — we have the knowledge and gifts to be able to feel that which is not visible, see that which is not within our grasp, and the ability to motivate ourselves onto the true pathway we are meant to travel during this lifetime.

Here in the USA we all look forward to “Groundhog Day” (February 2nd), when — if a special groundhog (Punxsutawney Phil) sees his shadow, it foretells of an early Spring — if he doesn’t see his shadow, there will be six more weeks of Winter.  I’m not sure of the accuracy of this folklore — however — I’m hoping he sees his shadow!

Early on the 3rd a Mars/Pluto sextile will get the day off with energy to spare and an idea of just what you want to accomplish today! By lunchtime help from the Sun/Saturn sextile will bring some help in getting to your goal. On the 6th you may make a date for lunch with compatible friends who will want to try a new place or have some fun with a new hobby. Sunday (7th) morning hours may bring confusion or upset but it’s quickly resolved with the help of a good Samaritan who has your best interest at heart. The New Moon on the 8th will quickly resolve any lingering issues and will influence our thinking in a unique manner. Venus trining Jupiter in the wee hours of the morning of the 10th will engender good news that will stay with us throughout the day. A Mars sextile Jupiter near the dinner hour on the 13th may find you entertaining a prospective job offer from a friend — or you may be cleaning out that closet you’ve been neglecting for a few months.On the evening of the 21st you may feel stressed and antsy before bed leading to a restless night — or you may just be feeling the energy of the upcoming Full Moon on the 22nd. The Full Moon especially affects those who have a natal Full Moon. Knowing ahead of time, you can try to calm your mind by meditating, finding something soothing that helps you to relax, or watch a comedy that always makes you laugh! Learning what helps you to settle down is a blessing for those who are sensitive to the excess energies expelled during the Full Moon phase.On the 28th mid-morning there is a Sun/Neptune conjunction that will lift our spirits and touch our hearts. Feel the wonder and magic of this planetary meeting in order to find your innermost bliss!  Our month ends with an extra day to enjoy as we have a Venus/Saturn sextile bringing stability and a loving connection into our realm.

As we traverse our pathway during this lifetime, we are met with challenges and conflicts, victories and love, keeping an optimistic outlook can go far in making our lives better. We draw towards ourselves that which we send out — sending out anger, bitterness, and frustration will in turn bring those elements back to us, continuing the circle of unhappiness! If we can remember to emit our most loving and compassionate sentiments outward, we in turn will receive these positive emanations back into our lives, that will engender more beauty, love, and wonder within our realm. No matter what you are going through — it is your choice in handling the situation. Keeping hate and anger in your heart won’t “fix” anything! If you can respond to negative happenings with strength, honor and integrity —  you will go far in ensuring better times ahead. Optimism is catchy — a smile costs nothing — and the rewards they bring are ten-fold. Open your heart and accept all occurrences in your life as part of the pattern of your life, and integrate all of your experiences with spiritual and transcendent understanding.



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