New Moon in Aquarius — February 8, 2016

Our New Moon crests on the 8th in the sign Aquarius at 19 degrees, at 9:40 AM EST. I love the New Moon energy that is expelled from the sign Aquarius because its Airy nature wafts over us with a freshening breeze of creativity, curiosity and verve! Aquarians (ruled by unconventional Uranus) are so unique from one another that it is difficult to pin them down as a group. One thing they seem to have in common is their love of humanity as a whole. Somewhat choosy and extremely selective when allowing someone into their realm, they seem to need people to “prove” their worthiness to be their friend. Although accepting of human foibles, they require honesty, integrity and total acceptance of themselves with no boundaries. Sometimes brutally honest, they engender some caution from others as Aquarians can often show us a mirror image of ourselves with all of our flaws. This doesn’t mean they won’t include you in their circle, just that they may “know” you better than you know yourself. There is an almost psychic ability for them to “see” other individuals deep into the soul level — and many of us aren’t prepared to be stripped bare to that extent, so we sometimes avoid interactions with these folks of penetrating awareness. Still, if you can be true to yourself, you can enjoy their natural affinity for fun, adventure and exploration of the human spirit and the world at large!

Help and hindrance can be found this month with Mars in Scorpio in moderately good aspect to Pluto in Capricorn — while Mars is in Scorpio we will find we can handle conflict better because we have thought about our strategies in advance and we know instinctively the best way to cope — Pluto in Capricorn can represent management, and others who have sway over our lives — we can, with forethought, find a way to bring our issues to the front burner and have them listened to seriously. Scorpio will make Mars less abrupt in his verbiage and Pluto in serious Capricorn keeps an even keel so that any annoyances can be solved without conflict.

Saturn in Sagittarius is having fun with Uranus in Aries mid-month — so we can look forward to some interesting happenings within our realm. Saturn usually dour and work-oriented is a bit changed in Sagittarius who won’t let anything bring his natural optimism down. Our Sag cohorts may feel a bit constrained, but when engaging with Uranus in Fiery Aries, he feels free to do and say just what he thinks. This can lead to some querulous moments, but they will fade quickly and Sagittarius will consume the energies of Uranus quirky and flamboyant style to bring amazing ideas about the future, always looking forward there will be new frontiers to conquer and if we know Sagittarius — there will be fun!

Starting the month in Capricorn until the 15th, Lady Venus is more serious about her relationships and any meaningful goals she has set for herself — on the 16th our Lady Venus moves into Aquarius where she feels free to do as she pleases. Elevated spiritually, emotionally and karmically in Aquarius, Lady Venus seeks out the artistic, unusual, and decidedly quirky elements in all phases of her life. Feeling the need for personal freedom and autonomy she will advance her plans and goals for the future with elan and grace. She will find beauty in the offbeat, unique and under-appreciated. It might be a good idea to let your love interest push the envelope of her talents so she may see just how much she can accomplish without boundaries.

When the Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th we will feel the subtle change in the aura that surrounds us — more sensitive, spiritually in touch, and tuned in to the harmony of the galaxy, our Pisces brethren are open and aware of the emanations of everyone they encounter. They remind us to value ourselves as we are — to take care of our innermost being — and to accept the wonder and beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants. Pisces bring us the realization that life is precious, life is relatively short, and every moment of our life is a gift. Ruled by Neptune — Pisces allows us to “see” the majestic and magical World we live in with the eyes of an artist, a poet and a prophet! Allow yourself to “see” your world through the mysterious Lavender haze of Pisces mysticism, magic, miracles and enchantment.

Now to the serious business of our New Moon Affirmations — with the Moon in Aquarius there is nothing off the table. Aquarians are interested in everything and everyone — that doesn’t always translate into being the life-of-the-party — more a curiosity about humanity in general. However, you may want to include having more freedom to do the things you want to do, you may want more positive people in your life who share your views, perhaps you would like to go on an adventure, you might want to find a way to bring more love into your realm, make definite plans for your future, hit the lottery, find a way to make a hobby your full-time job, reunite with an old friend, find your bliss! Whatever you want, or think you want can be put into an affirmation, wish, or desire to be written down to enter the ether where your own words will become manifest and begin to change your life for the better.

The New Moon in Aquarius crests at 9:40 AM EST on the 8th at 19 degrees of the sign — anyone whose birthday is on the 8th or near this date will have more energy to work with — use this time span to improve your life — a few minutes of your thoughts and ideas can translate into more happiness and tranquility throughout your time here on Earth. Just give it a whirl — think deeply about what would make your life more loving, easier, happier, healthier, more positive and constructive.

There is magic in the ether that we all can capture with our thoughts — let your miracle begin with this Aquarius New Moon’s mystical power. Life can be beautiful — Peace!



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