New Moon in Aquarius Reminder — February 8th 2016

Here’s is your morning wake-up call for writing out your affirmations, wishes, and desires today with the New Moon energy of Airy Aquarius! The New Moon crests at 9:40 AM EST today, so all day and the next 24 hours will be the most advantageous to write down your wishes. Nothing is off the table with generous Aquarius in the mix — reflect on what would make your life and the lives of your loved ones better, and write out your thoughts and affirmations while thinking deeply about each element in your request. Writing a list by hand is the most efficacious but if you are in the office, you can type out your list of course. Feel the energy run from your heart, mind and spirit into your hand and fingers as you put your pen to paper. Know that you have the magic at the tip of your fingers to change your life for the better!

Even if you just put down — I want my life to improve — it will resonate in the ether and become manifest here on Earth! Easy-peasy!  Just get it done — and breathe a little easier knowing that the Universe is listening to your plea. Work with the power of the New Moon in a positive manner and you will engender positive vibrations entering your realm. Be aware of your own influence in bringing more optimism, love and confidence into your life — sometimes our own enthusiasm can bring a miraculous change in our outlook and ability to improve our situation. Be confident in your affirmations — try to remain positive as you write out your wishes, and dig deep into your psyche to find those changes that would truly make you happy!

Here’s to all those dreamers, romantics and visionaries out there who know there is a fabric of magic (karma) woven into our lives — perhaps beyond the veil of everyday life — but it exists and we can tap into this mystical side of the equation. Try your hand at a few simple affirmations and watch the magic happen — enjoy this Earthly life we have, but don’t forget the ethereal element that we all have the ability to use to benefit ourselves and our loved ones.



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