Lady Venus Enters Aquarius — February 16, 2016

Lady Venus will enter the sign Aquarius on the 16th at 11:17 PM EST and remains there until March 12th when she enters ethereal Pisces.  Moving into Aquarius is such a dramatic change for her — going from staid and practical Earthy Capricorn to our quirky, unique and Airy Aquarius! However, this is a change she’s been waiting for in order to let her hair down and find those interesting and off-beat adventures she hasn’t had whilst in sedate and demur Capricorn.When in Capricorn, Venus is the most lady-like and status conscious of all the Zodiac signs. Aware of her duty to be the lady of the house, the refined and proper image of all that society demands in a woman of genteel persuasion. Now entering Aquarius, Lady Venus releases all of her inhibitions and shyness to revel in her new found freedom!

Lady Venus now “owns” her life — released from the boundaries of societal mores, refinement and reticence, she will lavish herself with all of the artistic, otherworldly, unusual, frivolous, unconventional, avant-garde, progressive and alternative life-styles she can embrace! No shrinking violet here — rather a woman who knows her worth, knows what she wants, and has the intelligence and ability to go after her goals with spirit.  Breathing a sigh of relief, Lady Venus can’t wait to make waves throughout her realm — shaking up the status-quo and bringing her own kind of acceptance for the unusual, the underdog, the different, the fringe, the lost, the artistic, the quirky, the beautiful, the magnanimous, and the unconventional! She loves humanity in all of its manifestations, and truly can empathize with those who are thought of as “different”. She welcomes all those in need of a friend into her realm with delight — seeing each individual with their unique strengths and weaknesses as worthy of love — uninhibited and needing autonomy herself, she understands the narrow-mindedness of those who would put everyone in a box with a label, or would persecute those who are different and don’t follow their “rules”.

Oh, we love our Lady Venus in Aquarius — as she tears down the walls of prejudice and preconception — and brings a welcoming beacon of light into the darkness of bias and bigotry. She enfolds all of those who are shunned, are diminished by unfairness, are invisible to those who feel superior. Lady Venus in Aquarius can behold all of we mere humans and see all of our failings and weaknesses and still finds a way to love us unconditionally. She beholds our beauty within and without — she feels the goodness in our spirit — she accepts us for ourselves!

Now this encompassing love of all mankind may not translate into finding the “one”! Our Lady Venus in Aquarius may have difficulty in settling down to a one-and-only — not that she is fickle or too picky — rather since she needs her own space, she often finds that those she is attracted to can’t allow her to be herself. A perfect match for our Lady Venus in Aquarius would be someone comfortable in his own skin, independent and not too needy, and willing to let his beloved do her own thing. Seems as if it would be easy — but no — any hindrance to our Lady Venus or her agenda is looked upon as an infringement on her self-hood, her autonomy, and her ability to lead her own life. She is willing to compromise to a degree — however — there is a limit as to what she will give up in order to maintain a long-term relationship. If she does find her true love match — he probably will be her one and only (at least in her heart and soul) — if the relationship falls on choppy waters — she will make the decision to move on, although her heart is breaking and she may never find another “true” love.

Often moved to volunteer, our Aquarius brethren take seriously the statement that “We are our brother’s keeper” — and they will be found at many a soup kitchen or charity affair, and there are those who turn their empathy to our animal companions, and will find a variety of ways to help those abandoned pets or feral animals who so desperately need our help by volunteering at shelters, or wild-life rehabilitation areas. Concerned with all living creatures our most sensitive Aquarians will find a way to make life better for those in despair.

A modest connection between Venus and Neptune on the 24th might bring an issue close to your heart to a good conclusion, especially if you are having lunch with a dear friend. On the 25th someone may pique your interest that hadn’t been on your radar — this might prove interesting! The month ends with a mentor or someone older giving you good advice, pay attention to exactly what they are imparting to you.

March opens with a karmic tie being drawn to you but you may find your interest is just in helping them out. When Venus meets up with Uranus in the early evening of the 2nd you can find an unusual and interesting function or a gallery exhibit to attend — there you have a chance of meeting people who are outside the purview of your usual acquaintances. On the 3rd watch out for those enticing sales or you might exceed your spending limit. On the 7th Venus meet up with the Moon in the early morning hours, perhaps bringing vivid dreams states of loved ones or friends you haven’t seen for a long time. Another brief aspect with the Moon in Pisces on the 9th can start your working day off with a friendly encounter, and another with the Moon in Aries on the 11th gets your weekend off to a good start!

Hint — Find your Venus in Aquarius love at a gallery, charitable function, funky fashion show, on a motorcycle ride, riding the rapids, helping at an animal shelter, at a concert for a tribute band, hiking, at a coffee shop, eating ice cream in mid-winter, laughing out loud, attending a seance, at an antique store, in a chocolate shoppe, buying food for a food pantry, smiling at you from across a room!





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