Minims — by Jone Victoria — February 11, 2009



Enlightenment/Depths of Depression

Unconditional Love/Disgust





Each experience we have in life, beginning in childhood and ending on the day we cease to exist in our body, equates to microscopic drops cascading into the cup of life invisibly carried. A cup of life held high, lest one sees into the golden vessel we call Soul.

All experiences, thoughts, deeds and dreams flow into this golden vessel, one minim at a time.

The length or chronological age of our human lives does not guarantee our cup will be full and overflowing, it is the willing participation and sacrifices, as we throw ourselves at life’s door to acknowledge our presence. All variations of emotional levels extract one drop at a time as we embrace and immerse ourselves in experiences that stretch the moral character of our being.

A chalice, filled by our own making to set our lips upon is the means to refresh us for the long journey home.

Jone’s deepest thoughts just spewed forth with her energy and her knowledge of our human condition. She had the ability to shake up the status-quo of our psyches, in order that we remember that we are here on Earth to evolve, learn, study, become fulfilled in all the ways that humans can become more humane, compassionate, loving and spiritual. She naturally understood that we all need a reminder sometimes to follow a righteous path to our eventual return to the spiritual and amorphous entity that is our true existence. Sometimes her writing took my breath away as I pondered her pithy words, trying to understand just what she was trying to impart to us for our eventual conversion. I still stare in wonder at all of her work and I am humbled.

Thought I would also share part of a post she wrote a day before Valentine’s Day in 2009 — thoughts from Jone Victoria:

Whatever your situation may be right now I wish you all love.

Love for yourself.

Love that you are truly your own best friend.

Love that being alone never means you are lonely.

Love that you are happy for others happiness.

Love for mankind — heck — womankind as well.

Hang the economy! Love will find a way.

Jone also requested that people send her comments on love, and what it means to them.

I think that this is apropos for a Valentine’s Day post. I also wish all of you love, we all deserve to be loved unconditionally! Blessings and Peace!



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