Full Snow Moon in Virgo — February 22nd 2016

This month’s Full Moon was named by the Native Americans “The Snow Moon” — apropos to February’s usual surfeit of snowy days. The Full Moon is at 3 degrees of the sign Virgo and crests at 1:20 PM EST. Since this Full Moon in Virgo is  opposite the Sun and Neptune in Pisces our emotions may be muddled, hectic or frenzied before, during and after this Moon reaches its pinnacle. Virgo being the 6th sign of the Zodiac often has reign over health issues, those in our care, and our day-to-day chores. The chaotic power of this Full Moon may bring some anxiety and/or issues we find difficult and urgent. As always, during the duration of a Full Moon event, we should find a way to diffuse any anger or upsetting happenings with a calm demeanor if at all possible. We can also walk away from any dangerous situation by being aware of our surroundings and opting to avoid those who may be out of control.

As usual, keep an eye on what is going on if you are driving, being aware of those who are out of control or just not paying attention. (Make sure you aren’t one of the offenders). If things are not going smoothly (and Mondays are notorious for being a bit askew) — just go with the flow! We always seem to get through these periods of unsettled astral on-goings, sometimes without even feeling the effects. Those with the Sun or Planets on the cusps of the mutable signs may feel the energy more profusely. Breathe through any angst you might be feeling and keep a protective aura around yourself and your loved ones. (Just envision an illuminating white light enveloping yourself and anyone you wish to protect.)

I try to keep positive thoughts and an optimistic outlook during any Full Moon time span — if I feel uneasy or under stress, I start to breathe in to the count of four and exhale to the count of eight. I close my eyes and try to meditate for at least 10 minutes. Usually this will do the trick for me — I open my eyes to feel calmer and somehow refreshed. Try it if you can find a quiet corner or even a stairwell, you only need a few moments for your psyche to be renewed.

Be calm, breathe, and remember this too shall pass — Peace!




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