Mars Enters Sagittarius — March 5, 2016 — Retrogrades April 17, 2016

Mars our Planet of passion, desire and energy will enter jovial Sagittarius on the 5th of the month at 9:31 PM EST. This will be a long duration for Mars as it turns Retrograde on the 17th of April, returning to the latter degrees of Scorpio on May 26th — remaining in Scorpio until re-entering Sagittarius on August 1st. How this Retrograde motion of Mars affects us depends on the house/houses it lives in within your chart. Having just gone through Mars in Scorpio — we should have a handle on what to expect when Mars returns there in May — perhaps something was left undone, unresolved or unfinished. When Mars returns to Scorpio we will have a chance for a “do-over” in the area that was left with unanswered questions or tasks. The intensity of Mars in Scorpio cannot be noted enough (Mars is the ruler of Aries and co-ruler of Scorpio) — Mars rules our deepest desires and passions, our physical bodies, where we need courage and fortitude, audacity and boldness, also our external male and female organs, our bladder, and our face, head and our sense of taste. These areas cut a wide swath of human emotional and physical subjects. Mars also has rulership over surgery, and hence scars that are formed. Study the aspects in your chart to see what elements are being brought forth, and be aware of any negative or positive areas that may be enhanced. Mars in Scorpio is intense and focused — sexy, savvy, serious, and unstoppable — use this power duo well and you will be able to find a way to achieve your deepest desires.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves  — lets begin by using the wondrous energy of Mars whilst it remains in Sagittarius! While Mars peruses Sagittarius we can perhaps tap into the lighter side of Mars and find some less intense areas in which to indulge our passions. Sagittarius is a sport loving sign — so any sport that demands bravery and an adventurous streak can be enjoyed. Auto racing, Slalom Skiing, cycling, any contact sport, you might even have a go at boxing or one of the martial arts. Find your Mars inspired outlet while jolly Jupiter-driven Sagittarius has the reins.  Mars in Sagittarius is kind of like a kid in a candy store — so many choices and so little time! Mars can revel in the forward looking Sagittarius as they both vibrate to motion and getting things moving. The caveat here is that while Mars is all for moving forward and getting the job or task done, Sagittarius likes to move forward, but often loses focus on the end game. If there seems like something more interesting is on the horizon, Sagittarius will want to just take off for the more entertaining escapade. Mars will try to keep his focus on the task at hand, but with Sagittarius niggling at his well-developed sense of adventure and exploration — there is often a disconnect with the original plan being brought to fruition, and a new game plan fraught with unexpected delights.

Mars is more optimistic in Sagittarius and eggs us on to complete our goals, especially if we have been planning something for some time. Mars spurs us to take chances, to find new pathways, and to seek out those who can help us get to our desires. Sagittarius is an outgoing sign that engages everyone they meet — they seem to find something to talk about with all types and find interest in everyone’s story. Mars will enhance this dynamic attraction so that it will draw helpful folks into your realm. Be aware of the bounty that surrounds you and your charisma during this transit. Happy to be out from under Scorpio’s often dour outlook, Mars is willing to try anything for a lark! A bit off-balance with all of the fiery energy at his disposal, Mars commanding ideas and massive strength will find a way to turn even minor success into a rollicking good time. However, keeping a goal in mind will be a necessary tool in getting to the finish line with Sagittarius in the mix. It is kind of like having a massive steed under rein, but it will take a lot of effort and strength not to let it run away with you.

Keeping a steady hand on the reins will insure that you reach your goal and also have command of the situation. Using the power of Mars in Sagittarius can be overwhelming and time consuming — the constant surge of energy expelled is compelling and must have a counter-weight to keep everything somewhat in hand and balanced. This can be a heady and exhilarating time span, and much can be accomplished with a little forethought and discipline (not the usual forte of either Mars or Sagittarius)! Delightful, daring, dedicated and dashing — our invincible Mars in jovial Sagittarius might be the most fun time we can have for a while!

Mars in Sagittarius Love Style — With Mars intensity and Sagittarius generally optimistic outlook, we have some disconnect between these two Fiery signs. Mars wants control, commitment, and a singular connection — whereas Sagittarius wants companionship, courting, camaraderie and good company! Their love styles are both sizzling hot and romantic, but decidedly different. Mars in Sagittarius is more playful, less intense, and willing to compromise a bit more than Mars alone. Enjoying many forms of “togetherness” — Mars in Sagittarius is willing to attend sporting events, dances, church affairs, plays, movies and any family get-together! Wherever there are new people to meet and greet, our Sagittarian brethren will thrive. Mars can be a bit more choosy, and will want due respect as he enters any arena — so these two will dance around a bit until one or the other holds the reins of authority. There will be some jockeying around before one truly takes charge. With Sagittarius in the driver’s seat, we have a more fun-loving companion who will devote his attention to us most of the time — but needs to be kept on a long leash to believe he is a free spirit. Indeed keeping a Mars in Sagittarius happy will be easy as long as there is the ability to let them wander off once in a while so they feel carefree and able to “do their own thing”. Still one will have to keep hold of that leash lest our Mars in Sagittarius wanders too far away and forgets how to get back! Our Mars in Sagittarius love will be loyal, true and devoted — but loves attention and approval. As long as there is lots of loving adoration at home, our Mars in Sagittarius will always be a home-body!

If you want fun, laughter and commitment — our Mars in Sagittarius lover will fill the bill — loving, usually dependable, wanting the best for his family, and ardent in his devotion to his one-and-only — Mars in Sagittarius wants a family to care for and a true soul-mate. Believing in the sanctity of life, our Mars in Sagittarius will go to the ends of the Earth to fulfill his duty to his loved ones.

We will keep an eye on the vagaries of this transit of Mars moving from Sagittarius into Scorpio (May 26th) and back again into Sagittarius (August 1st)! When any Planet is in Retrograde motion we get a more skewed vibration profile that isn’t its usual demeanor.  Many times it allows us to perfect or correct something that just hadn’t been done well or could have been done better. There is always a yin and yang to the Planetary movements that help us in traversing our time here on Earth. Tap into the enormous power of the Galaxy we live in, to fully realize the potential in our lives. Peace!





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