March Astrological Activity — New Moon in Pisces — March 8th 2016 — Spring Equinox — March 19th 2016

March is said to come in like a lamb and goes out like a lion, and this year here in New England we are experiencing a milder than usual winter with the meteorologists promising us much warmer weather. Perhaps with Mars entering Sagittarius on the 5th these fiery entities are helping to warm up the atmosphere. I can only say that this works for me — not a fan of the biting cold and usual snowy winters of the past. We will also have two lunar eclipses this month — one with the New Moon in Pisces on the 8th and the other on the Full Moon in Libra on the 23rd. Of course, March brings us the Spring Equinox as the Sun enters the sign Aries on the 19/20th — because of Daylight Savings Time (adding one hour to EST)  here in the USA — the very late evening entry of the Sun into Aries at 11:31 PM EST will slip into the 20th at 12:31 AM DST.

The Eclipses affect all of us depending upon where they live in our charts, spurring us forward to renew our efforts in reaching our lifetime goals. We will perhaps have that “light-bulb” moment in which we realize the path ahead has changed and we must indeed alter our course. For others, it may just serve to let us know we have to be more aware and work a little harder to achieve our dreams. Uranus and Pluto in their dance macabre have been putting stressors on us to make decisions and move on with our plans. This aspect is easing a bit and we will see the results of those decisions come to fruition in the next few months. Jupiter in Earthy Virgo is keeping us stable and Pluto in Capricorn is also bringing a serious tone into our psyches. Uranus in Aries has been playing havoc in that Fire sign and disrupting many of our plans, however, Uranus never tears down anything unless it plans to rebuild on a better and stronger foundation. Working within the ethereal momentum of the Galaxy will ensure a positive outcome in the long run. Take those little bumps in the road with the realization that each one is a small lesson to bring our true course into the light. All will be revealed in time, and we must trust in the Universe that there is a plan for us to follow to our eventual highest evolution.

Spring Equinox — March 18/20th

The Sun entering the vibrant fiery sign of Aries bring that exciting feeling of a new season and also a freshening of the ethereal atmosphere. Our ancestors looked forward to the joyous renewal of the land as the warmth of the Sun re-energized the Earth to bring forth a new generation of plants and animals into our realm. Seeing the new seedlings springing out of the ground always sends a magical shiver of excitement as we understand that life is always about renewal and growth. Dormant for the long winter months, waiting patiently for the rays of the life-giving Sun to stir their growth, and the Spring rains to nurture their essence — both flora and fauna become nascent and burst forth with new life! We still celebrate these moments of flourishing life that endows us with the knowledge that mankind is welcome upon this Earth, and Mother Nature is willing to provide those necessary elements that will ensure survival. The Spring Equinox is all about new beginnings and hope — we all can tap into this exhilarating energy that abounds in order to start with a clean slate and breathe in the heady atmosphere of renewal. Allow yourself to partake of the bounty of the Equinox and review your progress during the last year — if there have been areas of sluggish growth, roadblocks that seem impossible to avoid, or weariness in fighting the good fight — now is the time to reassess your outlook, your goals and your ultimate bliss!

It may be as simple as getting a physical makeover that will spur you on, or perhaps your focus has been in the wrong area — and you can now see the error of your way, and it might be that outside forces have been keeping you away from your own pathway as you had to help others with their journey — now is the time to look seriously at where you are, where you want to be, and how you will get to your eventual dreams. Use the massive power of the New Moon, the Eclipses, and the Equinox to bring your ideal life story into the reality of your today. You are in command of your life and can find a way to use the abundant vitality that is spewing forth at this time. Breathe in the miracle of renewal and revamp your life onto the road that will bring you to your ultimate paradise.

Full Moon in Libra Lunar Eclipse — March 23rd

This month’s Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 23rd at 3 degrees of the sign will infuse us with a need for balance and stability. Although the Full Moon usually brings discord and unexpected occurrences and perhaps some confrontations — in Libra we have a more lenient element that will help us understand the need for a calmer and more sensible solution to any issues that arise. We will notice that our relationships need more work in order that we may benefit together as a whole — accepting the differences in one another will lead to a more wholesome and respectful union. Also, we will realize that dealing with one another in a courteous manner will bring more compatibility and esteem. Fairness, equality and reverence for one another is the keyword for this usually fractious time-span.

New Moon in Pisces Solar Eclipse — March 8th

I usually write an individual post for the New Moons — however, since this month is such a busy one and all of the aspects seem to point to a new start and a new outlook, I’m including the New Moon within the body of March’s overall activity.

If you only write out your affirmations once in a while, I urge you to use this Solar Eclipse New Moon in Pisces in order to infuse your life with positive and spiritual energy. Especially those born near the date of this New Moon will have an especially strong connection to the power being expelled, use this time wisely and write out your dreams, hopes and wishes. All of us can benefit from the New Moon in Pisces energy that will encompass that deepest abyss of our psyches and our dearest and most ardent dreams and desires. We may experience heightened dream-states, flashes of intuition, and a kind of “knowing” that has no conscious reality. We all should try to listen to our inner voices and deepest heartfelt instincts in order to find our truest desires for ourselves and our families best interests. We do have the authority to sway the powers that be in order to change our pathways for the better. I believe we have a mandate to improve our lives, to bring more love and caring into our realm, and to influence how positive and productive we can be during this lifetime on Earth. We are born, we grow, we learn, we suffer, we love, we are challenged, we survive! We can be the miracle of hope and light to all who meet us — and we can bring beauty and faith and success for ourselves and our loved ones into this journey we call life.

The New Moon in Pisces crests at 8:55 PM EST at 18 degrees of the sign.The sign Pisces, ruled by Neptune (and the higher octave of Venus) rules those areas of our lives that are spiritual, magical and mystical, liquids and fluids, perfume, psychic phenomena, narcotics, anesthesia, art, imagination, the shipping industry, and intuition. Neptune especially in its own sign of Pisces has sway over addiction and with today’s extremely tragic incidence of substance abuse and overdose we are being brought to the exact awareness of how devastating these illnesses are and how they impact so many of our lives.

Of course, we can write our affirmations about anything under the auspices of the New Moon — but the most powerful wishes can be those that incorporate the areas of power that the sign engenders. If you are feeling lost and alone, you can wish for more love and acceptance to come into your life, if you feel you have lost faith in the practical and mundane lessons you learned as a child, you can ask that you are instilled with that naive joy of childhood when everything seemed possible, you can ask that you are able to surrender to a Higher Power in order to find the truth and beauty of your life, perhaps you feel you need to be noticed in a positive and creative manner, you may need the healing power of your inner being in order to become whole once again, on a more practical level — you can wish for a new job, a raise, more help in caring for your family, a better home and neighborhood, more money, a better outlook, more fun and a more carefree lifestyle. Anything within the realm of your imagination can be written down to become your reality.

Life is about choices and decisions we make on a day-to-day basis — allow yourself this gift of the Universe to bring about a more fulfilling lifestyle for you and yours. Find a quiet spot and sit quietly for a few moment to center your spirit — breathe in to the count of four, and exhale to the count of eight — allow yourself to become one with the unseen world of nothingness. Suspend earthly feelings and fears — enter the realm of conscious unconsciousness. Feel the white light of purity, innocence and wonder surround you as a protective shield as you go into the deepest depths of your inner spirit.  You may feel dizzy or disoriented for a while, but you are tapping into the realm of your innermost soul and you can begin to understand the wisdom of your true entity. Feel the sensations tingle through your body as your truth becomes evident within your subconscious. Bring yourself slowly to the real world and begin to write out your affirmations, wishes and desires. Allow any thought to be written down and when you are through, review what you have written. Are you surprised at the results? Peruse your list and add or subtract those things you find are not relevant for this New Moon — be precise in asking for exactly what you need. Nothing is off the table and only you know what will improve your life and the lives of your loved ones for the future. Embrace your uniqueness and holiness — as a child of the Universe you have a visceral and consecrated connection to the stars.

The best time to write out your New Moon in Pisces  affirmations is on the 8th right after it crests at 8:55 PM EST — but the next 24 hours are also powerful. Do this for yourself to better your life and the lives of your family. The Universe gives us this gift of enlightenment in order that we may proceed on our evolutionary journey throughout this lifetime.

Also a Happy Easter to those who celebrate this joyous season — Peace!



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