Venus Enters Pisces — March 12, 2016

Lady Venus — our Planet of love and compassion, will enter Pisces on March 12th at 5:24 AM EST with a wistful look back at her time in adventurous Aquarius. Although the crowned queen of Pisces, Venus in Pisces intuitively feels  everything with a deep-seated emotional reaction that can keep her off balance. Still, Lady Venus in Pisces finds the beauty in all things ensconced in this World. Humans — in all of their manifestations (any gender, young, old, infirm, angry, jealous, happy, sad, failing, succeeding, caring, selfish, dying) —  nature, trees, rocks, fashion, art, books, animals, spirituality, clear skies, foreboding skies, clouds, rain, snow, sunshine — all of these things are beautiful to our Lady Venus in Pisces. She rises above any petty annoyances to find the truth and magnificence of this our Earth without rancor or judgment. Does it seem as if we favor our lovely Lady Venus in Pisces? Well we may have this blessed aspect in our chart and feel the intensity and vulnerability of this placement to a greater extent than when she is in other signs.

Compassionate, caring, considerate and contemplative — Lady Venus in Pisces seems to be the beacon of light for unconditional love. Perhaps bringing vivid dream-states that have a message for us hidden in its depths, Lady Venus in Pisces tries to bring us an optimistic outlook and shows us how much being loved really means. We all need to love and be loved for ourselves without having criticism, censure or disapproval. Just unconditionally loved because we “are” we “exist” we “belong” to the entire human race!

Lady Venus in Pisces brings an appreciation for all things beautiful: art, theater, social affairs, celebrations, fashion, flowers, and an ethereal and delicate sensitivity to the aura of those around her. She is fastidious in her choice of clothing, home furnishings, her social connections, her place in the Universe. Almost always aware and focused on her pathway, she has a goal in mind and is willing to work hard to achieve her bliss. Seemingly a quiet and self-deprecating individual — she has a core of steely determination. Although the perfect hostess, business leader, stay-at-home Mom, BFF, neighborhood guru — her influence is subtly felt throughout her reign.

It would be wise not to trifle with any job she wants to get done — indeed, her enthusiasm will take the breath away from those who choose to work within her heady atmosphere. Once having chosen a path to take, it would be difficult to sway our Lady Venus in Pisces from her chosen viewpoint. She will listen to reason, and will make a sensible decision when all the facts are presented — however, most of the pros and cons of a situation have already been vetted by our precise and eagle-eyed Venusian Lady!

On the 14th Lady Venus in Pisces has a dust-up with Mars in Sagittarius, perhaps proving that any love connection has some moments of difficulty. Our job is to understand whether these are passing issues or deep-seated problems that will be long-term or not ever able to be solved. One must decide on one’s own quality of life, and how lack of trust or confidence in their partner will influence the relationship on a lasting basis. Late on the 15th there is a disconnect with Uranus in Aries that brings a desire for personal freedom and autonomy. On the 20th Lady Venus is riding along with Neptune to provide a pleasant interlude with family or friends. Love is in the air — a newcomer into your realm will seem dreamy and interesting (perhaps a karmic connection). You want to see the best in everyone but must use some practicality in judging whilst in the throes of this heady connection.

Lady Venus in Pisces usually tries  to please people, disliking controversy and disagreements. However, sometimes you have to do what is right for yourself, and ignore those niggling voices telling you to take care of everyone else. First take some time and space away from any big decisions to calm your mind and focus on the reality of the situation. On the 25th Lady Venus opposes Jupiter in Virgo and squares Saturn in Sagittarius, and although you may feel you know what is going on, your emotions may be getting in the way of the truth. Try to appraise the situation with a jaundiced eye — and be honest with yourself — are you being taken advantage of by someone you thought you knew? Re-evaluate the situation in the light of a new day — and be brutally clear about your future with/or without the relationship you are now considering. On the 26th you have a light-bulb moment when there is clarity and openness — and you awaken with a knowing’ about how you want your own future to unfold. On April 1st you may have a pleasant lunchtime meeting with a companionable friend, enjoy this pleasant moment to relax and pamper yourself.

Lady Venus moves into fiery Aries on the 5th of April at 11:51 AM EST (add one hour for DST).

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Pisces love in a flower shop, a darkened theater, a fashion show, helping at an animal shelter, shopping for shoes, filling shelves at a food pantry, selling perfume, reading to toddlers at a day-care center, at a psychic fair, feeding the homeless at a shelter, selling cupcakes at a PTA, heading up her own business, living by the shore, at a wedding, buying flowers for herself, bringing joy with her smile, walking in the park, in an art gallery and in a local bookstore.




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