Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra — March 23, 2016

On March 23rd at 7:01 AM EST (add one hour for DST) the Full Moon crests at 3 degrees of Libra. Since this is a Lunar Eclipse there will be more energy and a longer impact especially for those whose birthdays are in early Libra or opposite in early Aries. Libra is all about balance, and as the last day or so has shown our World seems completely off balance at this time. Political rancor and disorder, terrorist threats and bombings, an onslaught of needy refugees, war, hatred, anger and upset seem to be ruling our lives. We all are looking for answers, some kind of normalcy and return to sanity. Yet it seems we are in the throes of tumult and disintegration on a world-wide basis. Perhaps this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will help to bring some kind of balance between so many diverse issues if we all can take a deep breath and seek to calm these roiling waters of discontent. Where is the balance in our lives? All of us are not invested in this chaos and vitriol — most of humanity wants to live a good life and reap the rewards of trying to be the best person we can aspire to become. We want to help our fellow man as ourselves — most are caring and compassionate human beings who want to enjoy their lives and want others to have the same benefits.

I believe there is a constant need for balance in our lives and a need for balance within our World in order to keep our psyches on an even keel. With chaos raining down, we are in need of some deeper meaning in our lives. We long for a way to make sense of all the disruptions and deceit we are facing every day. We are being bombarded with negativity and it is up to each individual to reject those who are full of anger and hatred. Indeed each of us must find a way to lessen the angst and turmoil that surrounds us now.

Perhaps each one of us must make an effort to improve our own lives by keeping our relationships pure and wholesome — by forgiving those who we feel have offended us — by searching our own inner being to see where we can make a difference. As individuals, we cannot totally change those systems that are in place that just aren’t working — but we can find our compassion for one another, especially within our familial group. Maybe, just maybe by finding a way to balance our psyches and bring some semblance of loving kindness into the mix, we will start a small spark of light that will help to alter the negativity that now swirls around us.

Tap into the luminous energy and power of this Lunar Eclipse to galvanize and empower ourselves to find a better way of life. Libra is a Cardinal sign — one of the movers and shakers of the Galaxy that can help to motivate us to embrace the beauty and majesty of our World. Libra can allow us to “see” where we need to improve our interactions with our family and friends — possibly by improving our lives there will be a dynamic change that will flow into the ether to take hold and touch others of like mind. Just a subtle shift in the human harmonic may begin a new realm of accord and Peace. Love will always be stronger than hate.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Brussels — may they feel the love, empathy and hope that is being sent their way during these dark days of discord. In Light!


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