April’s Astrological Activity — 2016

This April begins with Lady Venus entering Aries on April 5th bringing a very different and more vivacious experience than from her recent spiritual visit to Pisces. We must be ready to use our Lady Venus fiery energy in Aries as she is only in the sign for a short time moving into practical Taurus in the early evening of the 29th. Lady Venus entry into Aries is quickly followed by the New Moon at 18 degrees of Aries on the 7th, we have a lot of energy to absorb within a very short time-span. Our lives may be so busy we feel overwhelmed, we must learn to use this extra bolt out of the blue vitality to enhance our abilities in multi-tasking and enjoying the busyness of each and every day.

Especially as the New Moon will conjunct Uranus the Planet of the unexpected and change, we must be aware of our pathway and try not to veer off on a tangent that seems to good to be true! There will be ramifications worldwide — perhaps in the finance field, or with the influx of displaced persons flowing into the Continent. We may feel a little lightheaded as new details and interesting news stories are bandied about that might make us uneasy. The best course of action is to take a deep breath and concentrate on what is directly in front of us. Take one step at a time and limit the amount of minutiae that you allow into your realm. Keep a solid calendar of your needs, wants, and desires and write out your affirmations on the 7th in order to help keep you on an even keel. Any inspired ideas and forward thinking options for renewal may bring big rewards. You have the power to change your life for the better!

The Full Moon on the 22nd cresting at 12 degrees of Scorpio at 12:24 AM EST (add one hour for DST) will endeavor to encourage us to be creative and willing to share our innermost ideas. Open your heart and mind to seek those “off-the-wall” ideas that might have seemed unreachable — dust them off and reshape them in a more practical manner. With Mars Rx in Sagittarius there is the possibility that revisiting an old plan will trigger some new and fabulous ideas. Just be sure to dot all the “I’s” and cross all the “T’s”. Of course, the Full Moon also brings some anxiety and tension as it opposes Taurus which finds us worrying about our finances and any plans we have for spending. Caution is advised as Venus will conjunct Uranus on the same day — and we know how Lady Venus loves to shop! Better to steer a conservative course for a couple of weeks — if a large purchase is unavoidable, do your homework and find the best offer that you can. Later in the day the Moon is in good aspect to both Neptune (creativity) and Jupiter (bigger is better) — both Planets can find us wanting to have a big dream come to fruition. However, unless your finances are overflowing, be careful in how you try to bring this dream to completion. Again —  waiting a couple of weeks may allow you to find an even better bargain — patience is the key!

After the Full Moon passes, there is a period of time to relax and catch your breath in order to reconnect with family and friends — however — Mercury in Taurus will begin it’s Retrograde rotation on the 28th and will last until going direct on May 22nd. So try to get any important negotiations finished before the 28th or there may be delays. Retrograde Mercury will be stifled while in Fixed Earthy Taurus, indeed his sprightly aspect will be dimmed. It is, as always, a good time to revisit anything that has gone awry during the last month or so in order to “fix” any misadventures or issues. Of course, we all should back up our files, make sure our car is in order, and remain calm if there are setbacks. Since Mercury rules so many everyday areas, it always seems to create more angst and bumps in the road than other retrograde Planets.  We deal with this aspect at least three if not four times a year in different signs so it behooves us to take all of the glitches with a grain of salt.

Along with Mercury, Mars and Saturn will also be in Retrograde mode — we are advised to take our time in initiating any new or flamboyant plans — especially something that seemed like a wonderful idea in the wee hours of the morning. Allow yourself to look at those wondrous plans in the light of a new day, 24 hours may give you a new outlook and a more practical approach! Both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius will help us look at the big picture, and find ways to improve our lot in life. There also may be some interest in the more spiritual issues surrounding us today. We may find our psyches enhanced with more compassion and acceptance of others who have different belief systems. You may experience a mystical force that changes your outlook on all things sacred and divine. Pluto in Capricorn joins the group of Rx Planets on the 18th which will bring more angst for large organizations and/or the government. Look to your chart to see what house Pluto in Capricorn is traveling in now. Depending on the house position, we can determine its effects upon our lives. Usually Pluto is a subtle whisperer of something we are contemplating, should be doing, or have been procrastinating in making a decision for a period of time. It may be time for a conversation with a loved one about their true intentions and their candid thoughts about a situation. There may be some hesitation to commit to a path that will inhibit their autonomy. Now is the time to push forward in order to find the truth. If you have been through an emotional roller-coaster ride, now may be the time to decide to get off. With Jupiter in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn we have a better opportunity to find a way to push forward with our agenda. With Jupiter in the mix there will be an element of good luck surrounding us — be aware of any opportunities that come your way — and be open to something new and exciting, but practical and well deserved.

With Venus in Aries, you maybe amazed to find a new romantic partner who is more compatible, loving, and will always have your back.New people will be entering your life that can change your perspective of yourself — allowing you to see exactly how strong and capable you really are. You might find this new “acquaintance” will reflect your inner beauty and compassion back to you, so that you can see yourself as others see you — warm, caring and full of heartfelt passion. This may be your “Aha” moment when you determine for yourself that you have more worth and value than you ever imagined possible.As the Sun enters Taurus you are more likely to insist upon determining your own way after much consideration and contemplation. You know yourself, and your strengths — you can achieve your ultimate goals.

On April’s Fool’s Day don’t allow yourself to get flustered or out-of-sorts with any hi-jinks that might be played. It’s all in good fun! The Sun and Saturn meet up on the 5th and can bring you rewards that are well deserved and will have long term value. The New Moon brightens the 7th with Aries energy spewing forth in order to begin a new lunar cycle for those born near this date. All of us can take advantage of the power of this Aries New Moon to enhance our lives by writing out our affirmations. The Sun conjunct Uranus in Aries on the 9th may bring exciting news, brilliant ideas, and a passion for all that is new and innovative. Venus trines Mars on the 12th perhaps bringing new and karmic  meetings that will make your head spin. There will be no denying the attraction, allure and desire  between you! On the 14th Mercury (in the shadow time before Rx) trines Jupiter allowing you to make quick decisions about people and any happening that affects you. Moving on, Mercury trines Pluto in the wee hours of the 17th, allowing us to dig deep into our psyches to find what is truly important and what we really need — not want.On the evening of the 18th, Venus trines Saturn — letting us get a handle on a new acquaintance or being able to see the future results of one of our projects in a positive way. The Full Moon in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus on the 22nd will make us take a close look at our expenses and how we use our resources. Later in the day, Venus meets up with Uranus and you may be swept up in an original adventure that will be a fun and interesting time. This may be the day you meet that someone who will change your life for the better! Mercury goes into Retrograde mode on the 28th making our lives just a little bit askew. However,  Venus will enter Taurus on the 29th bringing a more stable foundation for us to build upon.

April can be a month of personal growth, luck and forward motion in all areas of your life. Change is in the air as the Spring season gears up for new fauna and flora bursting forth in renewal. Enjoy this time of revitalization and replenishment — breathe in the fresh Spring air — find the beauty in each new day — and be good to yourself!







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