Lady Venus Enters Aries — April 5, 2016

Alas! Lady Venus leaves spiritual and ethereal Pisces  (her hallowed haven) to enter bold and brash Aries on the 5th of the month at 11:51 AM EST (add one hour for DST). Our sylvan nymph of Pisces is perhaps  a little bewildered by this passionate Fiery Cardinal sign, she unobtrusively moves in quietly to create as little flux as possible. Yet once ensconced within Aries realm for a while, she metamorphoses into the sultry and sexy vixen who in truth, makes her a tiny bit nervous! No shrinking violet here — Venus in Aries becomes the siren, the enchantress, the sensuous coquette. Lady Venus in Aries knows her place in the Zodiac hierarchy and she knows what she can accomplish — and once she sets her flashing sensual eyes upon a goal, she is sure to reach it whilst she remains in Aries. Herein lies the issue — Lady Venus will only stay in fiery Aries until the 29th when she slips into staid and practical, but deeply ardent and amorous Taurus. So we must make our move while Venus remains in Aries in order to feel the enormous power of this dynamic Lady. She can move mountains, and will bring us the courage and boldness to go after our true love connection. Not fooled by false promises or superficial sweet talk — this Lady wants the real thing in love and in life — and She will have it!

Whilst in passionate Aries, our Lady Venus will have her own series of adventures by meeting up with unruly Uranus on the 22nd where she has free reign to create a loving atmosphere for all of us. Find your Aries Zodiac house and see what mischief our Lady Venus can get up to in order to get us out of our current passive or long-dead relationships. She and Uranus will shake up the status-quo in order to open our eyes to new people in our midst that we may not have realized are interested in a closer relationship with us. Even if we feel we aren’t in a position to start a new connection, there will be an overwhelming attraction that cannot be ignored for long. Indeed, you may feel quite lightheaded as your entire body is inundated with feelings you haven’t experienced before. This may be a positive karmic connection that has been simmering for some time, or a new acquaintance that just appeared into your realm. This attraction cannot be denied, and although you may find yourself in disbelief, this is your true soul-mate. Allow yourself to get to know just what this person has to offer — you may be surprised to find how well he/she already seems to know you. You may find yourself finishing each others sentences and realizing how many things you have in common. Let your guard down just a bit in order to find the depth and intensity of their feelings. This is a relationship that is meant to be — karmic, kismet, fated or destined — a true match made in Heaven!

Lady Venus in Aries is all things passionate, she loves art, fashion, food, beauty, speed, obsession, plain or fancy, necessary or just because — she reigns with an intensity of emotion that cannot be explained by we mere mortals. This Lady will throw herself into any project with abandon and exhilaration — she knows her power and will use it well. Never stand in the way of something a Venus in Aries truly wants — she can be a force to be reckoned with at any moment — not that she will ever be coarse or combative — no — she will use her feminine wiles and before anyone realizes — she has gotten her point across and her way in all matters.

On the 12th Venus in Aries trines Mars in Sagittarius sending sizzling ripples of passion across their respective realms — but also bringing a spiritual and deep understanding of the responsibilities of being in love. Combining two individuals into a true loving partnership will require that both have the others best interests at heart — that they are willing to immerse themselves into a whole — an entity of two minds, two hearts, two souls and spirits that connect as one! Also being able to maintain their own identity and persona, but with an empathetic understanding that they work together as a team. Can this perfection work in concert forever? Perhaps — but perhaps not — a long term relationship has a journey mapped out that entails both highs and lows, trials and tribulations, happiness, joys and sorrows. Yet — if the core is strong, there is a symbiotic cadence that manages to bring all unevenness into stasis time after time. A love like this is worth its weight in gold — a forever love is a blessing of the highest order — we all aspire to love and be loved in this way. May you all find the love of your life, and spread the joy and happiness you share with all whom you meet.

Venus in Aries then trines Saturn in Sagittarius on the 18th bringing a more practical and jaundiced eye on those who enter her realm. With Saturn in the mix, she is able to size up those whose intentions are pure and immediately sees through those with a negative agenda. She will be able to accept those praises that are true and meaningful — but she will soon show short shrift to those who only want a dalliance. You cannot pull the wool over a Venus in Aries individual — at least not for long. They have an uncanny ability to look into the heart and soul of those who would seek their company. Enjoying her meeting with Saturn in Sagittarius, she will have been able to choose the right candidate for her affections with ease.

Lady Venus meeting up with Uranus in Aries will be filled with exciting romantic suitors, perhaps too many — she will have to wait until she is no longer under the power of this erratic and unruly Planet before making a proper choice. Her head may be in the clouds of passion, but her feet are firmly planted in the real world of everyday living. No easy mark for the flamboyant or ostentatious, Lady Venus in Aries wants only true love and loyalty — and she shall have it!

When Lady Venus enters Taurus on the 29th, our outlook will change and our passion will be that of a stoked fire burning deeply within awaiting the perfect helpmate to ignite the flames of true love!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Aries love at a sporting event, on a tropical isle, eating spicy ethnic food, buying sunglasses, at a speedway, shopping for fanciful headbands, at a circus, at the head of an important business meeting, at a job interview, driving or buying a red car, at a cooking class, buying hot sauce, enjoying sitting in the sun, buying bikini’s, running a Fortune 500 company!





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