New Moon in Aries Reminder — April 7th 2016

Don’t want anyone to forget this fire-charged New Moon in Cardinal Aries that crests on the 7th at 6:23 AM EST (add one hour for DST). It begins our Zodiac’s New Lunar Year and sets us up to reap the rewards of our affirmations, dreams, wishes, and desires. The process is simple — during the day and the following 48 hours you can write out your deepest wishes — the vortex of energy being created with the New Moon will impel your requests or affirmations into the ether.

As your thoughts become solidified within the Galaxial mists, they take a spiritual shape, form and force in order to have an impact on our lives here on Earth. You can influence your own future and pathway throughout this lifetime’s journey. Our thoughts and beliefs can produce those emotional affects we call miracles!

Plan to write your list in a quiet moment — meditate for a bit — and feel the power move from your thoughts down your arm and into the pen — write your affirmations succinctly, lovingly, and with total belief in that what you are requesting will better your life and can truly be manifested.



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