Lady Venus Enters Taurus — April 29, 2016

Lady Venus Enters Earthy Fixed Taurus on April 29th at 7:36 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Having been a bit overwhelmed in active and passionate Aries, Lady Venus welcomes her stay in Taurus — like old friends meeting after a long separation, they embrace each other with warmth, deep love and understanding. Lady Venus shines in Taurus — not as the Fabulous Fashionista, but rather the elegant model in the little black dress with pearls, the soccer Mom who runs the PTA, the sophisticated mature woman on the cover of Town and Country magazine in her tweeds and hounds-tooth, the genteel grandmother with a knowing smile and a twinkle in her eye! All classically groomed, believing in themselves, and kowtowing to no one — they know their worth and are comfortable in their minds and bodies.  Taurus imbues Venus with an air of confidence and power, she can become anyone she desires with determination and a eagle eye on her goals. Don’t get in the way of a Venus in Taurus woman– she will mow you down! Earthy, sensually sexy, sensitive and spiritual — our Lady Venus in Taurus can be the love of your life!

Perhaps this passage of Venus in Taurus will help to offset the skirmishes of Mercury’s Retrograde period since they ride together in Taurus all month long — until Mercury goes direct in Taurus on the 22nd at 8:20 AM EST, and Venus moves into Gemini on the 24th at4:45 AM EST. Venus meets up with Mercury at 16 degrees of Taurus on  the 13th at 2:11 PM EST — perhaps engendering a cozy conversation with someone special or helping to clear the air about some controversy. Using the positive timing of the Planets can help us traverse our pathway on Earth with a bit more confidence and control.

On May 5th Venus has a minor dust up with Mars that may impact the rush hour — so keeping an even temper will serve everyone best and it is a fast moving transit that will dissipate quickly. Our May New Moon on the 6th at 2:29 PM EST crests at 16 degrees of Taurus, helping to bring some stability to the on-goings of this month’s Mercury Rx. The 9th brings a nice meeting of Venus and Neptune at breakfast time that can bring about a wonderful morning meeting, have you awaken after a vivid dream that gave you new insight and an uplifting emotional feeling of well-being and hope for the future. In the afternoon hours of the 10th Venus trines Jupiter in Virgo to brighten our outlook, bringing some good luck and a sense of a job well done. The next day (11th) a dinner time meeting of Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius might have us stuck in rush hour traffic or realizing we haven’t made the necessary adjustments to our monetary accounts and we may find ourselves in default. Fortunately Venus and Pluto trine on the evening of the 13th to bring a flurry of deep feelings to the fore, and we may think about making an important commitment. Wednesday the 18th finds Venus in touch with quirky Uranus in Aries engendering feelings of excitement and exhilaration — or since it is in the very early morning hours a sudden wake-up call that gets our adrenalin running. The Full Moon at 1 degree of Sagittarius/Gemini on the 21st at 4:15 PM EST will be conjunct Mars allowing for a little more energy to be expelled. For those whose birthday is near this date they may want to be a little more cautious and watchful about what is going on around them. Avoid anyone who seems out of control or in an agitated state — and be pro-active when driving — in order to circumvent any issues. The Sun opposes Mars on the 22nd exacerbating and extending the already hyper-activity of the Full Moon at 1 degree Sagittarius /Gemini!

Mercury in Taurus goes into direct motion on the 22nd at 8:20 AM EST — but it will take a few days for it to resume a normal forward motion — Lady Venus will enter Gemini on the 24th at 4:45 AM EST giving us a merry month ahead.

Hint — Find your Lady Venus in Taurus at an upscale boutique, in a real-estate office, buying silk scarves, at a jewelry store, at a bull-riding contest, at a beauty shop, buying make-up, at the theater or a drama festival, in an art gallery, buying flowers, at a music recital, looking for new furniture, having clothing altered, trading stocks and saving for her future, relaxing at a spa, dining at a steak-house, and enjoying time with family and friends.






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