New Moon in Taurus — May 6th 2016

The New Moon in Taurus crests on the 6th, at 2:29 PM EST (add one hour for DST) at 16 degrees of the sign. The Moon in Taurus can bring stability and often a port in a storm — as chaos may rage, and controversies arise with each new day, our Taurus Moon calms our innermost fears and can allow us to take a step back in order to observe the reality of what is going on in our world. Just an amusing aside, while watching an early morning news show recently — the reporter seemed a bit flustered, and said “I don’t know what’s going on, but anything that can go wrong is going wrong!” I took a deep breath and thought — well, “you are right on schedule, with Mercury and Mars in Retrograde mode — much of our daily activities are being blitzed by things going awry!” 

However, there is always a silver-lining to negative on-goings — and the positive fact about a Rx Mercury is that there is a chance for a “do-over” — if something didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to in the past few months, you may find a way to revisit the incident or project to discover a new way to get things back on track, or some vital information that was missing has been found, and it gives you the ability to correct, renew, or revitalize a special dream, plan or venture that was put on hold or seemingly put on the scrap heap! The Planets are always in motion propelling us towards knowledge and understanding. Working with the cadence of the Galaxy in harmony will eventually bring us to our truest revelations and reality.

The idea of writing out affirmations, dreams, wishes and desires is the same as sending our prayers for our loved ones, for the ailing, for those in harms way. Our prayers have substance and form as they flow into the ethereal atmosphere that surrounds all of us. We believe in the power of our prayers because we entreat a higher power and we can believe in the power of our worldly thoughts as well because we each have within us that same spark of holiness — everything we think, dream, hope for, imagine has substance. The good will we send outward will be returned to us in subtle ways to improve our lives — of course, the opposite is also in play — our negative, hateful and mean-spirited thoughts also can be conveyed back to us with less happy results. I think the best idea is that the more positive and helpful we can be during our lifetime here on Earth, the easier our pathway — this doesn’t mean our path will be free of all sorrows — we are here to learn and evolve, and sometimes we are faced with dire circumstance — but with a good and caring heart — we can overcome our adversities to become ever more honest, loving, pure and untainted by the challenging vagaries and karmic lessons of our lives.

This New Moon can be the catalyst for our future, our entreaties are sent out into the ether, where they are formed into the basis for a positive emanation in order to improve our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Especially during this time of Mercury’s Retrograde period, we can revisit any of our former requests or wishes that haven’t come into our reality so that we can refresh and renew our thoughts — rewriting them to better fit into our lives now. Didn’t get that new job? car? promotion? win the hand of that special someone? couldn’t revamp your negativity? still carry resentment and negativity? can’t let go of former insults or dismissive attitudes? Try to envision how you can change your outlook, the situation you find yourself in at this time, what it would take to open your heart to forgiveness, find a way to a better and more positive attitude! Anything you can imagine can be yours given your innate abilities and your adjusting your attitude to enable you to draw toward yourself a more loving, kinder, optimistic, confident and constructive aura of positive thinking.

Allow love, kindness, and happiness into your realm — open your heart and spirit in order to be able to accept the wonderful benefits of a life well lived. We all deserve to be loved and to be able to love — our human evolution is built upon our bonding with our families, fellow man and all of humanity. We are stronger, better, more resilient and more humane when we share with and love each other.

Write out your affirmations, wishes, and desires with the New Moon in Taurus energy on the 6th  — starting at 2:29 PM EST and for the next 24 hours your affirmations will enter the fertile ethereal mists to become whole and will begin their journey into your reality. Taurus is a practical Fixed Earthy sign that loves all of the good things in life, has a deep love of family, is especially good for requesting financial help or help with finding real-estate, can bring good health (especially around the throat area), will insist upon quality and durability in anything for their homes, a determined sign that will reach their goals, stable, a bit stubborn, but ultimately a true and steady friend. Use the sterling qualities of Taurus in order to fine-tune your affirmations — sit back and watch the magic happen!




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