New Moon in Taurus Reminder — May 6th 2016

The New Moon in Taurus crests at 2:29 PM EST today, so you all have enough time to plan your affirmations, desires and wishes! Think about what would make your life and the lives of your loved ones better, more optimistic and healthier. Write out your list after the New Moon has crested and for the next 24 hours the energy and power of this Taurus New Moon will be stimulating the ether with a potent punch of ethereal dynamism that can be tapped in order to bring about our deepest desires.

It is the chance the Universe gives us each month to put in our own two-cents worth of hope and faith that we can influence our lives in an optimistic and positive way. Dig deep into your inner spirit and psyche in order to find those affirmations that will best serve your life right now — whatever you need to improve your life can be written down and will enter the Galaxial ether to become your new reality.

Find your bliss, your most intimate desires, your basic needs and write out your wishes with detail and intensity. Imagine your future with no financial issues, with your health restored, with a new home on the horizon, with family conflict resolved, with anything you can imagine that will bring about more happiness and those halcyon days you long to enjoy!

Draw toward yourself the life you deserve to live to the full. Bring yourself and your family the joys of carefree days, loving kindness, and a brighter more positive outlook.



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