Lady Venus Enters Gemini — May 24th 2016

Lady Venus exits pragmatic and determined Taurus on May 24th at 4:45 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — to eagerly enter vivacious and quixotic Gemini where she will stay until June 17th when she enters motherly Cancer at 2:39 PM EST. We love our Lady Venus in Gemini as she epitomizes youthful energy, joie do vivre, a childlike innocence, the ability to see the daily magic in mundane and ordinary occurrences. She arrives like a new-born babe with no previous biases, prejudices, or favoritism. Indeed the World is her oyster, and she cannot wait to experience all that life has to offer. Of course, this can sometimes get her into a bit of hot-water, as she goes where angels fear to tread. Guilelessly accepting all of life’s happenstance with aplomb and interest. At times an observer, Lady Venus in Gemini can stand on the sidelines as a maelstrom of activity swirls around her — only reacting after her facile mind takes in all of the confluence around her, and can make a reasoned judgment  about how to proceed.

Quick-witted, coquettish, usually happy to partake of all life’s mysteries, our Lady Venus in Gemini brings a freshness and uniqueness to the ordinary sameness of everyday living. Seeing the quirky, eccentric, and original as a positive in today’s society, Lady Venus in Gemini embraces the new and fashionable, without letting go of the tried-and-true. We all benefit from this placement of Venus wherever it lives in our chart — we can return to the wonder and magic of our childhood in order to once again appreciate all of the beauty that is incomparable, peerless and outstanding!

Lady Venus in Gemini brings more communication to the table, a need to connect with others, and a more social period where good feelings are expressed. With the warmer weather finally arriving here in New England we want to get out and breathe in the clean air and take time to smell the roses. Outdoor activities are abounding, and most of us want to enjoy these months of Spring and Summer fun with our families and friends at the seashore or in the mountains as we choose. Life is Good!

Our Lady Venus in Gemini is prepared for any adventure — mutable and airy, she immediately is aboard for any fun escapade, her wanderlust and curiosity will stand her in good stead as she joins friends in their innovative journeys. Sometimes seemingly shy, it’s because her ability to immediately read what people are thinking puts her at an advantage that others cannot fathom. Always mentally busy, her dual mind can quickly grasp the aura and intention of her companions — so she may often opt out when she intuits that things may go askew! Never underestimate our Lady Venus in Gemini — she may appear a bit flustered, discombobulated or in disarray — but be sure her intellectual insight will quickly bring order to her confusion. Loving and kind, ethereal and mystical, knowing and able to get her ducks in a row — our Lady Venus in Gemini will steal our hearts, stimulate our minds, and bring laughter and delight wherever she roams.

On the 24th Lady Venus opposes Mars in Sagittarius mid-evening, so if you are out and about, you may find a flirtatious gent admiring your swagger, just be sure it’s not just a flash-in-the-pan as Mars will soon Retrograde into Scorpio bringing a whole different aura to the party! On the 30th Venus tangles with Uranus in Aries in the early evening — this could be an airy conflagration, bide your time! In a negative aspect with Neptune in Pisces on June 2nd in the late evening, which may make it likely that there are hidden agendas and/or someone isn’t being totally honest — things are murky. The 3rd brings Venus opposing Saturn in Sagittarius in the early evening, you may find that a disagreement becomes harsh, or someone leaves and slams the door. Venus squares Jupiter in Virgo on the 4th in the early night hours, bringing a disruption in plans or someone who never admits to being wrong is holding court to the detriment of all. Also on the 4th is the extra energy of a New Moon in Gemini stirring up new ideas that may be able to be the start of a project you’ve been working on for the past few months. Lady Venus conjunct the Sun in Gemini on the 6th in the mid-afternoon hours, keeping you on your toes with vibrant conversations, and perhaps a special someone with a karmic tie, who notices your brilliance and beauty. On the 12th Venus is charmed by Uranus in Aries just before noon, open your heart and eyes to what may be a delightful interval of charm, opportunity, and a new friend. Be aware on the 13th in the wee morning hours that a Venus and Mars meeting may not go all that well, be prepared to ward off any unwanted advances.

Lady Venus is moving quickly now, so enjoy the short time we have her in Gemini! She will soon be in Cancer (June 17th), mothering all of us, and telling us to sit up straight — just like Mom!

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Gemini love at a swap meet, getting an ice cream, shopping for quirky fashions, at a speedway, in a comedy club, dancing the night away, secretly reading Harry Potter (again), at the airport, just looking up at the sky, buying two of everything, eating chili dogs, helping at an animal shelter, in a coffee shop, reading to toddlers, walking in the park.



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