June’s Astrological Activity

June will be a month wherein we can begin to think about moving forward with our plans. Retrograde Mercury is now moving ahead with alacrity, and Retrograde Mars will follow on the 29th starting his forward movement at 23 degrees of Scorpio. A Mars station can be intense, especially as there is a slight involvement with the Planet Uranus in Aries — perhaps a past karmic transgression that might stir up some trouble if you have Fixed or Cardinal Planets at 23/24 degrees of these signs. Also you may be dealing with relationship issue that have been fragile lately, and there is seemingly no clear solution. You may find it is time to move on, as painful as it may be, but as Mars continues into Sagittarius, you will realize that the time was ripe for change. Usually this is a more global issue with those willing to create chaos having an open widow of opportunity to push their agendas. Perhaps we will begin to see some light at the end of the tunnel, so that our plans for the future will begin to form into a more possible solution, and there will be hope.

That said, our New Moon in Gemini crests on the 4th at 14 degrees of the sign at 9:59 PM EST and is conjunct Lady Venus spiking our interests in all things fanciful. However, in opposition to Saturn, there might be a wet-blanket spoiling our plans, especially since there will be little help from Jupiter in staid and picky Virgo. Perhaps it is best to spend this time span in quiet meditation and solitude. If you do have plans — remind yourself to take any delays or impediments with a grain of salt — and focus on the positives that surround you. Take time to smell the roses, appreciate the natural environment and chill. Perhaps you can write out a list of New Moon wishes ahead of time!

Our Full Moon rises at 6:02 AM EST, in Sagittarius on the 20th at 29 degrees of the sign — I feel that the 29th degree has a bit of karma to it as it feels as if the Moon doesn’t want to let go of the previous sign and therefore the energy intensifies even more than with the usual Full Moon. An out-of-sign opposition to Venus in Cancer will bring some family matters to the fore, and perhaps we will find a reason to engage in social activities within this time span. With the Sun in Cancer now, our families will take precedence over other activities — enjoy those BBQ’s and beach parties!

On the 9th Mercury in Taurus opposes Fiery Mars in Scorpio — this might bring up an issue that’s been festering for some time, we should probably not speak out in haste and then have to retreat into an apologetic and contrite demeanor. Often with Planets in Fixed signs we find the consequences of our actions or words can have long-lasting effects. The 13th shows us Neptune beginning it’s Retrograde phase which may have us feeling out-of-sorts, and perhaps with a foggy mindset. Things aren’t clear, pathways are hazy, and our creativity seems stymied. Returning to some unfinished business or project may be the best way to bring some clarity to our day-to-day routines.

On a positive note, we will be better able to get in touch with our inner spirit and intuition during this time span — Neptune’s Rx period will last for about 6 months — time that we can truly find some deep meaning to our existence. There will be the ability to “hear” and “feel” more clearly those nuances that we usually ignore from our subconscious. We can learn to trust our instincts, our inner voice, and our Spidey senses. We all have that natural “flight or fight” instinct when we know something is wrong around us — and we also have a “this feels right” instinct when we know that we should take advantage of a situation that will bring us some good. Our instinct for danger often overshadows the more subtle positive emanations we receive from our psyche. Take the time as Neptune Retrogrades to listen to your inner voice and spirit — learn to trust what your body, psyche and spirit are letting you know on an ethereal level. Meditation can help to focus your attention on your subconscious, and will bring you a calm”knowing” when you feel “it”! Also pay attention to dreams and random thoughts that you may have during this time, write down any unusual ideas or notions that come to you — and review them at a later time to see if they could have had an impact on your choices.

The 26th brings us an Earthy trine between Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn — depending where these signs live in your chart you will have a practical opportunity to do yourself and others some good. If you need any professional advice about health, finances or real estate, now is the time to move forward to find the right person to guide you. Of course, what you do with the information is totally up to you — check and recheck any numbers, get a second opinion, or ask the right questions to fulfill your personal needs.

June 20th brings the Sun into the sign Cancer for our Summer Solstice (Sun standing still) — a point in time that our ancestors took seriously as the beginning of the planting and growing season. Somehow knowing that these extraordinary days were of extreme importance in their lives, they celebrated their good fortune and continued good health and vibrant existence upon this Earth. They had an instinctual understanding that life on Earth continued in cycles of dormancy, planting, growth, harvesting and slumber once again. In order to survive, they made sure that they complied with the vagaries of the Earth’s natural order so that they themselves would flourish, grow, and continue on with their lives. Facing all manner of natural crises and disaster, they had faith that trying their best, facing all the various predicaments that couldn’t be foreseen with fortitude would eventually get them through to the next cycle — and they would endure. Thanks to our hearty and forthright predecessors we are here now, in a different world, with different needs and different customs — yet we are still at the mercy of Mother Earth and her magnificent cycles of birth and death and resurrection. Our modern lives are quite changed from those of our ancestors — yet we still have our own struggles, to continue on as human beings with an agenda to survive!

The month ends on an upbeat aspect as the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all in the sensitive sign of Cancer, creating our need to connect with family and friends to enjoy our own tribe, clan, or band of brothers and sister that we depend on throughout our lives. We are the family of Man — and as such we have survived over the centuries because of our reliance upon each other and ourselves. None of us is an island — we need, indeed must interact with one another in order to survive and thrive. We are humankind — unique, fierce, loving, caring and filled with a magical compassion for our brethren. We will give up our lives for one another, fight with honor for our freedom, and are willing to defend our right to be here upon this fragile Earth.

Humanity Rocks!



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