New Moon in Gemini — June 4th 2016

Our New Moon is in the sprightly sign of Gemini this month is cresting on June 4th at 9:59 PM EST (add one hour for DST) — and it energizes 14 degrees of the sign. We also note that this New Moon is conjunct Lady Venus bringing us stimulating vibes of charm and beauty. However this New Moon also opposes Saturn in Sagittarius, and squares Jupiter in Virgo — perhaps keeping us from resolving old issues or bringing some new difficulties in following our plans for the future. Allow a little time to pass before making final judgments on any ongoing matters. Also, plan to write out your affirmations, desires and wishes in order to get your own feelings and energy into the ether to smooth out any rough edges. Our own personal input on any level has a power that is ten-fold stronger in bringing positive and happy results into our realm. Let the Universe help you to help yourself and your loved ones by believing in your innate abilities to envision and manifest your dreams.

We are still in the throes of Retrograding Saturn, Mars and Pluto — making us more thoughtful and digging deeper into our psyches to find out just what we want to occur to make our lives better. Think about the best outcome you could possibly imagine, and focus on what your life would look like if you truly achieved that result — how comforting is just thinking about that scenario for you. We have so much inner power that lies dormant, because we just cannot believe that we can use our conceptual abilities to actually change our lives. Our psyches, mental acuity, inner spirit, and subconscious can work together in order to manifest outward changes for the better in our present life. Working with  Universal harmony can and will bring you rewards beyond your understanding if you but try to employ this simple action with faith and belief.

Saturn in Sagittarius until almost the end of 2017 is trying to bring us a wake-up call in order to expand our ideas about faith, religion, and accepting our convictions about right and wrong. We are being allowed to dig deep into our childhood teachings and our experiences in the real world in order to find our own truths and beliefs. Along with Neptune in Pisces (Retrograding from the 13th of this month, until  November 18th) many of us will experience a lifting of the veil of illusion and transcendence in order to define what we have learned throughout our lives. We will begin to describe our own spirituality in our own way — a way that works for us, that makes sense to us, that comforts us and makes us comfortable in our daily lives.

Lady Venus riding with the Sun in Gemini until the 16th allow us to be more social, find more beauty in our surroundings, and make conversation with others stimulating, intellectual and interesting. Listen carefully — you may find something that will make a difference in your life, just that one piece of information that can bring you a new understanding of your options.

With a Gemini New Moon the possibilities are many and various — anything relating to communication, public speaking, intellectual pursuits, literary matters, publishing, sales, education, using your full mental capacities, connecting to others, beginning projects, innovating, finding new outlets/hobbies, having a spa day, refreshing your home decor, blazing a new trail in any field, being able to converse with anyone, accepting accolades, and allowing yourself to be true to your inner being.

Gemini is fun and fanciful, flirtatious and friendly, fast thinking and factual, flighty and forgetful, fidgety and fascinating, fluid and fabulous! Bring the best of this Airy Mutable sign into your affirmations and wishes when you write out your New Moon list.

The New Moon in Gemini crests at 9:59 PM EST (add one hour for DST), you can write out your affirmations, wishes and desires for the next 24 hours to enjoy the greatest impact in sending your thoughts into the Universal ether to become part of your reality. Your wishes will manifest into your realm to improve your life and the lives of your loved ones.





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