Lady Venus Enters Cancer — June 17th 2016

At 2:39 PM EST (add one hour for DST) on June 17th, Lady Venus enters the fulsome sign of Cancer. Her frivolous time in Gemini has been fun and fanciful, fabulous and frenzied, fickle and fastidious. Such opposing feelings, awareness and excitement has been quite a tour de force for our spritely Lady Venus. She adores the ability to be flighty and a bit scattered, she loves that she can open her persona to the more frivolous things in life. After entering Cancer, she evolves into our Madonna, our matron, our mothers and our matriarch! She is Woman personified, female, fertile, fecund, feminine, filial, and fabulous. Lady Venus in Cancer is all things maternal and loving — she is born to conceive, to reproduce, to bring forth the next generation of humanity. Lady Venus in Cancer is our future and our past — our hope and our sorrows — our bodies and our spirit. She opens us to our deepest needs, she plumbs the abyss of our psyches, she brings us our most treasured moments of truth and honesty.

We all have the sign Cancer in our charts, look to the house where Venus is transiting to find how we will be impacted by her stay there. Lady Venus in Cancer brings us an awareness of our familial obligations, our love for our brethren, and an understanding that Love is all — Love is life — Love conquers fear, bias and anxiety! Try to absorb the highest form of Lady Venus in Cancer to raise your consciousness to a new level of empathy for all of mankind. No matter how different, no matter how foreign, no matter how disparate our traditions, our facades, our ideals, our lifestyles — we are all mere human beings — trying our best to survive — trying to be the best we can — trying to evolve into our highest selves! We all are Human BE-ings living each day to the ultimate limit of our abilities.

Lady Venus in Cancer raises the bar when it comes to our families — we become the leader, defender, moral base, sustainer and sustenance of our loved ones. Nothing is off the table — we will love them forever, care for them through the toughest fight, illness or tragedy — support them through all the stages of their lives — see that they are comfortable in any weather — maintain a healthy lifestyle with home cooked meals, baked goods and always see to it that they never feel alone or unloved. Lady Venus in Cancer is unconditional love in its most spiritual and holy nature. Heaven forfend if you darken the lives of a Venus in Cancer’s family — she will become a whirlwind of opposition to you — bringing all the forces of Mother Nature! She will smite you with a gentle smile, break down your defenses without striking a blow, and hasten your departure with a turn of her head — basically — you won’t know what hit you! Never come between a Venus in Cancer matriarch and her beloved family — her realm — her bastion of civilization — the consequences will be dire.

Our Lady Venus is moving forward with a hastened pace, and if we want to garner the most positive vibes from her motherly stay in Cancer we will have to act quickly as Lady Venus will enter the fiery and dynamic sign Leo on July 12th at 12:34 AM EST bringing a whole new persona to our maternal sovereign. On the 20th The Full Moon in late Sagittarius causes some early morning issues, and later the Moon in Capricorn opposing our Lady Venus in mid-afternoon can possibly cause a minor dust-up in a family squabble. The 24th brings Mars in Scorpio into play creating a few moments of irritation during the morning commute. On the 27th we have a beautiful Venus/Neptune trine at breakfast time that will bring inspiration, you also may have had a psychic dream about a loved one that brings you hope. An opposition to Pluto on the 30th in the late evening can be a struggle to hold on to your rights and can bring some division between you and yours. On July 1st Lady Venus in good aspect to Jupiter will get our holiday weekend off to a good start as we look forward to a joyful family get-together. The New Moon on the 4th of July will provide a needed burst of energy for our celebrations of our Nation’s birth, bringing families together at barbeques, fireworks displays, and parades. Lady Venus in Cancer  trines Mars in Scorpio on the 6th in mid-afternoon bringing someone we have been admiring from afar into our realm, perhaps a new interesting friendship will ensue. However, on the 7th Venus will be in a negative aspect to Uranus in the morning making us aware that the pathway we have chosen is diverting us toward new interests that are taking us away from our roots. The 8th and 9th bring us confusing and upsetting feelings about what we want and who we want in our lives. As Lady Venus prepares to enter Leo, we are ready for a change from dealing with family issues and angst — in Leo our Lady becomes her own person — knowing her true needs and desires and determined to reach her goals. Along with Mercury entering Leo on the 13th a whole new romantic and creative outlook becomes filled with possibilities.

Hint — find your Lady Venus in Cancer love at a tag sale, volunteering at an animal shelter, buying furniture for her home, looking for a safe car, at the beach, lake or ocean, crying at a chic flick, reading to a group of toddlers, helping a friend in need, taking parents to doctor’s appointments, meeting friends for lunch at a seafood restaurant, at an antique store, on a genealogical site, visiting elders at a retirement home, bringing cookies to a bake sale, running errands for a house-bound friend, or looking up at the stars through a telescope.

Blessings and Peace!


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