July’s Astrological Activity

July starts off with a New Moon in the sign Cancer on the 4th — what a great way to celebrate our Independence Day! The sign Cancer has so much to do with Mother, home, family, motherland — that it seems appropriate that we can combine this New Moon with our holiday celebrations. We may feel a bit more emotional and patriotic as the parades pass by with all the Veterans of earlier wars, and those currently serving our Country who willingly put themselves in harms way. Our Nation would not be as secure or as free without the efforts and sacrifices of our brave Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. I have a great respect for those who serve — Thank You!

Now to the ongoing astrological events taking place in the month of July — the New Moon in Cancer is at 12 degrees and crests on the 4th at 6:02 AM EST (add one hour for DST) — it rides along with Mercury the Planet of communication, transportation and literary/educational matters. Opposing mighty little Pluto it carries a lot of oomph! There may be a media blitz when a juicy news story is aired, and a fire storm of conflict ensues. I usually feel the New Moon brings  a positive new lunar cycle that is like a freshening breeze — but with celebratory crowds there can be opposition to someone’s point of view — so we must watch our words and not become inflamed because of  any over-the-top rhetoric that may be said. Maintain a rational outlook in order to avoid those who would incite any controversy about government, religion, or the economy! All major button-pushers for many folks — enjoy your time with family, friends and acquaintances with the knowledge that what isn’t said does not have to be apologized for or taken back! Hmm — perhaps some of our “leaders” could use a pep talk about this subject! Just sayin’! I have to reiterate that we all should watch our words and conversations for the next few weeks, as we may be misunderstood or misquoted. Hopefully those hearing an incorrect or disingenuous remark will consider the source and get the true information from whomever was the original speaker.

A nice Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio aspect on the 5th in mid-afternoon, will help us to talk to someone who seemed a bit daunting, but as conversation develops, we find many social and other interesting connections. The morning commute on the 7th may be a bit of a struggle as many drivers seem to feel that they are entitled to the entire roadway. Late on Saturday the 9th a nice Moon and Venus aspect meets with up with a Sun and Jupiter sextile early on the 10th, that can make us enjoy the company we are with and brings good fellowship. Lady Venus enters Leo early on the 12th, changing our motherly Venus in Cancer into a Leonine bombshell of beauty and brains. At breakfast time on the 16th the Sun and Uranus clash  perhaps bringing out someone’s frustration and angst. a good aspect between Mercury and Venus later in the day will have the power to smooth any ruffled feathers. The Sun trining Mars during the late evening brings conciliation and loving vibes.On the 20th a positive meeting between Venus in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius will highlight stability, a loving connection and commitment to family. The Sun enters Leo on the 22nd allowing us to think more about having summertime fun in the sun, and doing those things that make us happy. The late afternoon of the 29th has us dealing with Mercury in a fit of pique with Mars — both in Fixed signs mean that no-one wants to give in to the other, watch out for road rage incidents. Venus meeting up with Jupiter allows us a lighter look at life’s inequities. Uranus is Stationary Direct and will start to begin forward motion — allow a few days to feel the more positive vibrations from this quirky Planet. Mercury enters Virgo on the 30th, giving us a more focused approach to any issue — and a more precise use of our language capabilities. This month ends with a late night Venus/Uranus trine — perhaps bringing someone new into our realm — you will want to express your own ideas, want autonomy, and will need to find your own idea of perfection.

The July Full Moon crests on the 19th at 27 degrees of Capricorn in a negative aspect toward Uranus at 24 degrees of Aries. If you have any Planets at these degrees it behooves you to be aware of sudden changes in plans, and to use equanimity when deciding in what direction to go. The House placement will have a lot to do with the area that may be affected. Check your chart for a clue as to what your particular irritation may be.

Mars is now moving direct in Scorpio, helping us to get back on track — any delays you’ve experienced or plans that just weren’t working out at a past time may get a new chance. It may be a bumpy road, but with determination and hard work, you will find a way to reach your goals. You may find you don’t have the backing that you expected, but give it time and those who failed to see the practicality of your dream may begin to “get it“!

Jupiter in Virgo is in good aspect to Pluto in Capricorn as is Mars, this mid-month  trio can and will assist us in relating to others, bring us opportunities, and will allow us to get a better picture of our goals. And although Saturn and Neptune are in a negative aspect to one another, practical Saturn in Sagittarius and imaginative Neptune in Pisces can work to help us make a pragmatic plan for our future dreams — indeed these two Planetary connections may bring some of our dreams into a realistic realm that will be able to be brought to fruition. Take some time to write down some of your ideas no matter how impractical they may seem, and try to bring in some of Saturn’s realistic common-sense into your plan. When imagination and proper planning are combined, magic can happen! Saturn is known to bring rewards for hard work and sticking to your highest ideals.

I’d have to say that the theme this month is to work hard and you will receive your rewards — but perhaps not immediately! Also — with the New England summertime in full blossom — we should try to be in touch with our nearest and dearest. Everyone should try to accept as many invitations to meet with family and friends as often as possible during this carefree time. Conversation is a two-way street, don’t let too much time pass before reconnecting with loved ones — even if it is only by phone or texting (sigh), it helps to keep the lines of communication open!

There seems to be a lightening of angst as the month comes to an end — allowing us to contemplate new adventures, new friends, and perhaps a new love interest. It may also be time to take up a new hobby, find a cause that touches your heart, or join a new group (book club, gym, animal rescue, art class, walking group, well — you get the idea). Look inward to find your bliss and move toward finding a way to bring it into your life. Hint — affirmations help — New Moon on the 4th!

Have a safe and happy Independence Day celebration!




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