New Moon in Cancer — July 4th, 2016

With the Sun and the Moon in watery Cancer on the 4th, you can be sure that a lot of emotion, strong feelings, and family ties will be vying for prominence during this time span. Especially as it coincides with our Independence Day celebration on the Fourth of July! There will be parades, memorial celebrations, and of course, family parties, barbecues, and picnics that will help us celebrate our freedom, our democracy, and our independence — and it will also help to get families together during this pleasant time of year when outdoor fun and games are available to all. Even if it’s only sitting in the back yard under a shady tree, we can remember past times, contemplate our future and enjoy our todays!

The New Moon crests at 6:02 AM EST (add one hour for DST), at 12 degrees of the sign Cancer — it is riding with Mercury, and opposite Pluto. This combination has a mighty Pluto punch that increases the power of this month’s New Moon energy. Especially with Mercury in the mix, we might find that we need to express our opinions on the current state of affairs in the world, or want to bring up old family issues. It truly would be in everyone’s best interest if we could hold-our-tongues, and let the holiday weekend be just for celebrating our Country’s independence, and connecting with our family. Sometimes it is what isn’t said that will eventually hold the most power, and help us find our ability to seek our own place in the Universe — not blaming someone else, not angry at life’s inequalities, not berating our loved ones for not doing what we thought they should have done. I believe most of us are trying really hard to do our best in this lifetime, to do our best for ourselves, our family, our friends, and our karma. Of course, no-one can be 100% there for everyone at every time. But, we try — we fail — we atone — we grieve our insufficiency. Still we give this lifetime our all — and we cannot decry who we are, or how much we can give. We just do our best at any given time, place, or occurrence. That said, we all know that the New Moon gives us the opportunity to do something positive for ourselves and our loved ones.

We have a beautiful aspect between Neptune and Pluto that can bring us imaginative ideas and creative concepts that can help us to bring some of our dreams into reality. Don’t negate any thoughts that randomly waft through your mind in dreams or in meditation — the Universe is giving you these notions in order to show you your natural abilities. Also Jupiter in in a positive journey with Pluto that makes our hard work bring rewards. Use the spiritual input from these Planets to enhance your chances for success.

As the month moves on, Lady Venus entering Leo on the 12th, followed by Mercury on the 13th and then the Sun on the 22nd will give us an exceptional boost of creative energy that will allow us to tap into our deepest spiritually inspired originality. All of this fiery power can inspire us to reach new heights of wonder and magic. Tap into these gifts of the Universe in order to reach those goals that have seemed elusive until now. Write out your affirmations, dreams, desires, and wishes with the energy of the New Moon in Cardinal Cancer, and follow up with the Fiery Fixed and determined sovereignty of Leo!

Since our New Moon is in Cancer, you can tailor your wishes to coincide with a Cancerian theme: family, friends, co-workers, deepest desires, vacations by the water, good health, a happy outlook, more emotional support, a better relationship with family or friends. Indeed — if you want a better working environment, you may want to draw toward yourself more compatible people who understand your goals; better family relationships — ask that any petty problems be cleared up for good, so you all can move on; need a vacation — by all means draw toward yourself a weekend by the ocean or a lakeside cottage for a week. Any and all ideas are able to be put into the ether to be whisked into the Galaxial mists to become your reality.

Meditate, contemplate and ideate all of your wishes and/or dreams. You can bring favorable changes into your realm for the better. Include those you love in your requests and affirmations in order to keep the flow of positive, confident and optimistic energy heading toward you and yours.

The New Moon in Cancer crests at 6:02 AM EST — so all day is powerful to write out your affirmations and wishes, the sooner after the New Moon crests will be the most influential in getting your desires into the ethereal mists. Try to get this one done — and the faster you will feel the positive emanations returning to you. Good luck!

Happy 4th of July!


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