Lady Venus Enters Leo — July 12th 2016

What a change for Lady Venus to enter Fixed Fiery Leo, whilst in Watery Cardinal Cancer she is our loving Mother, Madonna, Lady, Nurturer, and Mother Nature — all rolled into one — whoosh — when she enters Leo, she becomes a Goddess, Lover, Coquette, Ultra-feminine, Dazzling, Confident, CEO, Mother Lioness, Tiger Mom, Intense, Fixated, Goal oriented and a Force to be Reckoned With! Lady Venus in Leo can light up a room just by entering it, and all heads will turn to observe this beauty with her golden aura and poised and self-assured stance. Lady Venus enters Leo on the 12th at 12:35 AM EST (add one hour for DST).

However, surface beauty is not her only attribute, indeed this Lady Venus also is endowed with brains and a focused mind. Goal oriented, loving, able to take care of herself and her loved ones, fierce in her desire to be protective and affectionate at the same time. There is a bit of control in her makeup, but usually her ideas and actions are in the best interest of her family. Often fixed in her opinions, she has the ability to listen to reason and then make up her mind when all of the facts have been fully explained. Fair, balanced and emotionally available — our Lady Venus in Leo seems to have it all.

Look to your chart to see where Leo lives, and when Lady Venus passes over the threshold, you will find more beauty, love, intensity, passion, and kindness revealed. If it is in your 4th house of foundations and home base, you may be re-doing a room or your whole domain. With the help of Lady Venus here, it will all be in good taste and refined. In your 10th house of social activity and career — you may find a mentor or someone who will boost you to the next level in whatever area you are interested in pursuing. If Lady Venus is in your 7th house of partnerships, you may find yourself and your mate/partner/spouse renewing your vows, going on a longed for vacation, or just getting along better with more compatible ideas being shared.

As Lady Venus enters Leo on the 12th — she is followed closely by Mercury entering Leo on the 13th  at 7:47 PM EST. Together they ride along in the sky until joining up on the 16th at 5 degrees of Leo at 8:32 AM EST — we can use this dynamic combo working in concert to perk up our conversations with loved ones, stating our intentions or exasperation with loving yet distinct verbiage. Lady Venus will allow us to be sensitive to our loved ones issues but also let us be realistic about their individual and perhaps egotistical goals, and Mercury in Leo will give us the “gift of gab” in order to let them know in a loving, but with no uncertain-terms, just what we think of their current behavior, and how it is impacting your life. Allow both Mercury and Venus to help you to clear up any vague or unclear issues that have been bugging you — they will give you the passionate and emotional ability to express your feelings with words that are clear, concise and to the point. It’s not your job to try to assuage those who are acting in a selfish or childish manner — indeed — you have the right to assert your own agenda when you are being victimized by bullying tactics or petty conflicts that are just posturing, self-centered and narcissistic. Venus and Mercury in Leo will give you the strength and bravery of a Lioness protecting her young! You are Woman — we hear you roar!

Mercury then moves on quickly outstripping Lady Venus’ more stately pace — Mercury will enter Virgo on the 30th whilst Lady Venus takes her time moving through bold and fiery Leo, before moving into staid and precise Virgo on August 5th. The Full Moon crests in Capricorn during the evening rush hour of the 19th bringing its usual kind of upsetting chaos, and the moon is void of course also — creating more of a volatile landscape — we all should be aware of our environment and what is going on around us in order to avoid those who may be out of control or angry at the world. Fortunately the following morning we have a Venus in Leo trine Saturn in Sagittarius aspect that can help us overcome any dust-ups that were festering as we can circumvent any conflict with our affection and wisdom.

On the 29th a Venus/Jupiter meeting will give us a momentary respite from any angst that has been front and center. We can come to agreement with those we have been at odds with and our minds and hearts will be free to enjoy the coming weekend. The Planet Uranus will turn Retrograde in the late afternoon of the 29th and remain so until December 28th — thus giving us a breather from the intensity of the Pluto/Uranus square that has been causing distress. There will be a period of more calm where people will be able to curb their knee-jerk reactions when angry and will have a more measured idea of what they want to express without rancor. Perhaps — we all can use this time-span to look into our hearts to find that trigger point of frustration that makes us fly off the handle and hurt those whom we love the most with our harsh words and thoughtless actions.

The month ends with Lady Venus in good aspect to mighty Uranus in the late evening helping us to appreciate our good fortune, to enjoy our blessings, and to look forward to an exciting and productive future. Mars enters Sagittarius on the 2nd of August, also bringing us an upbeat approach to our future ideals and ideas. Working within the framework of the Galaxial harmonics we can bring more positive vibrations into our lives, and we can learn to avoid those instances of frustration and angst that seem to drag us down so often. Find your most positive rhythm within the beautiful cadence of the planetary movements, and you will find your bliss.

Hint — meet your Lady Venus in Leo at the country club, running the PTA, selling expensive real-estate, buying jewelry, sitting in the Sun, dining on a seaside patio, running for political office, buying yellow and gold flowers, eating chocolate, driving a bright yellow sports car, at a farmer’s market, shopping, helping at a food pantry, at an art gallery or book store, running her own business, and creating amazing interiors (in tones of gold of course)!



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