August’s Astrological Activity

We open the month of August with a New Moon on the 2nd at 10 degrees of the sign Leo, cresting at 3:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST). Having the Fiery Leo Moon’s energy wafting through the ether will help to clean out any residual angst or issues left over from the past month. We can, if we wish, begin this month with a clean slate — writing upon it anything we wish! Use this time span well, in order to restart your agenda with fresh eyes and a purposeful outlook. Write out your affirmations with renewed vigor and the optimistic assumption that what you are creating will be of benefit to yourself and your loved ones. Let us hope that this New Moon in gregarious Leo will shine some beneficial light on our ability to see through all of the chaff that is clogging up the atmosphere, and will help us find our own truths!

The Full Moon this month crests on the 18th at 4:27 AM EST at 25 degrees of Airy intellectual Aquarius, bringing us a mighty wave of new ideological concepts that will favor the innate feelings that it is a time for total equality among all members of the human race. There will be more acceptance for those whose lifestyles differ, whose religion is different, whose color is diverse, whose politics – outlook – traditions – clothing – customs — and behavior may be divergent from our own. The World has become our village, town, hamlet, city, community, neighborhood, and family. Tune into the ethereal atmosphere and feel the positive and optimistic movement of the times we live in today. Let go of petty irritations, of minor squabbles, of bitter hatreds — and feel how free it is to be accepting and loving to all. Bask in the ultimate white light of loving kindness and you will be reborn into the evolutionary being you are meant to become. If this doesn’t sound like a Full Moon forecast — it may be because the sign Aquarius is so misunderstood — that the most maligned of us will be welcomed into open arms when we realize that we are all here on a quest to find our true pathway. We wont find our way giving in to our basest selves — we must aspire to be that being that brings light and love to all of the World — or at least to a tiny portion of our own realm — it’s a start!

Mars has entered Sagittarius once again and these two Fiery entities will work in concert in order to “fire” us up to reach our goals. Uranus is in Rx mode and therefore not bringing its usual chaos into the fray — a small breather as it were — still with Mars rumbling forward with his usual take no prisoners demeanor, we all should avoid “knee-jerk” reactions when faced with any dilemma. As usual we prefer that everyone take a deep breath, count to 10 or 100 if necessary to avoid conflict and violence. Tune in to the peace and beauty of Neptune in Pisces — put on your dancing shoes and let your hair down. A cautionary word for the 24th when Planetary forces are quite disorganized and chaotic — take your time in any physical pursuit, drive defensively, and thwart any who would choose to start an altercation, with words not fists. Just breathe!

Perhaps this month is best used to create a place of peace, quiet, contemplation and relaxation — OK — I can hear the voices saying “Whoa — that’s not my lifestyle” — there is work, family obligations, car-pools, overtime, classes, shopping, getting ready to go back to school — and, of course, you are right! Still — if we choose to go about our days in chaos, that’s where we live in our heads and hearts — wouldn’t it make more sense to try to find a way to unclutter our lives with a little planning ahead? That is all I am trying to say — being on the edge all the time is debilitating and exhausting, and eventually leads to crises — creating a little oasis of calm somewhere in our realm will bring huge (I know that word is overused) rewards. It can be as simple as a family meditation time (15 minutes of quiet contemplation) — then go back to the busyness. If anyone wants to talk about their thoughts after the “time-out”, then something good and wonderful might happen — real conversation! What? Seriously — reconnect to your loved ones in a moment of true mind-melding empathy and understanding.

Saturn will remain in Sagittarius until December 19th 2017 — look to your chart to see where Sagittarius lives and there you may find the delays and restrictions surrounding you now. Try to immerse yourself in the lessons that Saturn is trying to impart and bring your “A-game” to help yourself move through this time-span with decorum and strength. Saturn often gets a bad rap as being too harsh, too mean, or too burdensome, yet once we get through one of Saturn’s more onerous periods, we find we are in a better place mentally, physically and emotionally. It is worth the effort to put forth your best self when under the gun of Saturn’s imposing his wisdom!

Mercury will be turning Retrograde at the end of the month (August 30th to September 22nd), however, those sensitive to its interference while in this mode may feel it a week or two earlier. We know that we should have our cars in top-notch condition, our bills paid on time, our travel plans solidified and with a built in cushion of extra time, and since Mercury will be in fussy Virgo — we are cautioned to take our time in any physical endeavor. Also, we may want to revisit any plans we have made during the month to see if there is something you missed or something you can improve upon.

The first week of this month is a busy one — on the 1st there is a nice Sun trine Saturn aspect that can bring us some commendation at a lunchtime meeting. The 2nd has Mars entering Sagittarius followed in a few hours by our New Moon in Leo giving us big ideas about what we can do to improve our future — forging our pathway into a new lunar cycle of appreciating our families, our good health, and our optimism in moving ahead. On the 5th Venus will enter Virgo riding along with the Moon, giving us a precise idea of our true journey where we can be sure we are on the right track. Mercury trine Pluto on the 10th gives us the mental capacity to truly understand our goals and help us move with assurance and confidence.On the 13th during the mid-morning hours, we may want to hold our tongues as Venus squares Saturn, we may not be on the same page as our loved ones — but time will help to bring different concepts together. The 14th will find us at loose ends as Venus opposes Neptune, what we thought was real and good may prove to have been an illusion. The 16th brings a boost as the Sun trines Uranus putting a sizzling pep in your step — feeling good and reaching out to those who can help you in your quests. The 17th has Venus trining Pluto allowing us to reach deep into our psyches for that magical and elusive faith, that believes that love is all. Enjoy the energy of this Full Moon in Aquarius on the 18th — but keep in mind it is a Full Moon with all the ramifications that entails. Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the 22nd in the early morning hours can bring a positive message our way, a job opportunity, or an old friend or opportunity back into your life! Mars squaring Neptune on the 26th in the wee morning hours can bring a misreading of a situation or a knee-jerk reaction that is overdone and can lead to conflict. Venus trine Jupiter on the 27th at the dinner hour can bring family or friends together in concert for a happy time. Mercury conjunct Venus in the wee hours of the morning can find us karmically connecting with past life cohorts — it’s a loving comfortable moment. As said earlier, Mercury turns Retrograde in precise Virgo on the 30th at the breakfast or commuting hour — so caution is advised — in Virgo we are better able to be more aware of our surroundings, and more willing to take it a little easy.

As we head into September, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo is on the 1st — bringing that cool, collected energy for our daily needs. It crests in the early morning hours so we might want to head for the gym, clean out the dusty cobwebs in our minds, decide to eat better, and prepare for a busy and detail oriented month ahead.










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