New Moon in Leo — August 2, 2016

Our New Moon this month crests at 3:45 PM EST (add one hour for DST) at 10 degrees of the sign Leo. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign that has sway over our upper back and our hearts — it also rules authority figures, business, can influence our social standing and our advancement in our field of choice. For those born near this date it is a new lunar cycle that can bring opportunity, love, children into you life, and the impression you make on others. Look to your chart to see where Leo lives to see how it can impact your life. Working with the Planets as they interact with one another can give you a heads-up about where you may find success and/or difficulty. Using the harmonics of the Galaxy can and will enhance your chances for a smooth and loving journey throughout this lifetime. Ignoring the cadence of the planetary movements can impede your forward motion. Of course, the entire Zodiac chart with its intricate levels of interactions can often flummox our best intentions.

Still, New Moon energy is one of the most applicable to our Earthly life — every month the Universe kind of gives us another chance to “get it right.” We get a waft of ethereal power handed to us, to do with as we will. Leo is such a bright and sunny sign that it brings us optimism, ego, bright ideas, a willingness to work hard, and the vigor and bravery of the Lion for whom it is named. Tap into this magical power to enhance your present-day life — allow yourself to physically and psychically connect with all that the Universe is offering. How do you do that? Just sit quietly, let the natural harmonics of the Earth energize your spirit,  feel the pulsating heartbeat of the Earth as it rotates throughout space and time. Connect to your inner being and release any angst or disbelief that it is possible for you to bond with the measured rhythms as we spin atop our home Planet. We are born on Earth and immediately we become attuned to the innate harmony we have entered. Our heartbeat and the harmonics of the Universe are in sync as we learn to accommodate ourselves to our new environment. Here we can grow, learn, and thrive within the dynamic movement of our Home. We are, as are the plants and animals, an integral part of all that is Earth. As we breath in the air, we assimilate the atoms that were here when the Earth was formed — we become as wedded to our Earth as the mountains and forests. Believe in the rightness of your being!

As with every New Moon we get the opportunity to write out our affirmations, dreams and wishes in order to allow them to enter into the Universal ether to become our reality. Our biggest and smallest wishes can come true — and the New Moon energy can spur us on with its fresh and immense power! Leo is the sign that rules children, chance and romance — you can write out your desires in your own words in order for them to come from your heart. Leo can bring opportunities for new jobs, new romances, it helps with our self-confidence and it can massage our egos. You can wish for anything though, don’t limit yourself if you have a special need or desire. Sit in a quiet place and really think about what would enhance your life and the lives of your loved ones. Be as specific as you can — details can only better your chances for a good outcome. And — believe — in your own power, in the generosity of the Universe, in the goodness and love of your family and friends, in that amorphous energy that exists in all of us and in the ether surrounding us. Use the gifts that are freely given by our Earth, our Galaxy and our Universe!

The New Moon crests at 3:45 PM EST, on the 2nd of the month. So all afternoon and the next day will retain the most powerful energy for you to write out your affirmations. Be bold, be brave, and be audacious in order to reach your goals — use the courage of the Lion — roar with vigor and strength — the Universe will be listening!




2 comments on “New Moon in Leo — August 2, 2016

  1. dragonflyzia says:

    This made me want to “roar” outloud!

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