New Moon in Leo Reminder– August 2nd 2016

Just a heads-up to remind everyone that today the New Moon crests at 3:45 PM EST — so there is plenty of time for you to begin to think about and write out your affirmations and desires. With the New Moon in the sign Leo, we have limitless subjects to wish for — Leo has rulership over luxury, gold, jewelry, our hearts, new romances, children, vacations to warm places, and those folks close to our hearts.

Also with a Leo Moon we can express ourselves elegantly in order to explicitly describe our deepest desires. Write out your affirmations with optimism, a positive attitude, write from your heart, and — yes — roar loudly so your wishes are heard throughout the land! The Universe is tuned in to our heartbeats and our spirit — feel at one with the cadence of the Galaxy’s harmonics and blend your psyche with the millions of souls that have preceded you. Like every star shining in the night sky — our souls shine like a beacon of love and light, evolving ever higher in order to reach our own Utopia.

We are Karmic beings — belonging to each other, knowing each other and co-dependent upon each other. Sometimes we are in a dance-macabre, solving old issues — other times we are in complete accordance and feel the happy and lilting glee of a Scottish reel. Wherever we are on our pathway during this lifetime — this is the time we must use to the utmost. Soothe old wounds, repair angry relationships, and honor those ancestors who have shown the way — most of all — enjoy each and every moment of your todays — they race so quickly into the future!





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