Lady Venus Enters Virgo — August 5th 2016

Lady Venus’ whirlwind tour of Leo will come to an end on August 5th when she enters the more staid but elegant sign of Virgo at 10:27 AM EST (add one hour for DST). She then sashays through Virgo until entering the beautiful, balanced and beguiling sign of Libra on .August 29th at 9:07 PM EST. If we wish to take advantage of Lady Venus in Virgo — where she is take-charge, no-nonsense, and immensely practical — we have to work quickly to get our ducks in a row as She is moving quickly through the Zodiac during these few months ahead. Capturing the essence of Venus in Virgo will allow us to “see” just how we can improve our health, our appearance, and our coping abilities.

Lady Venus in Virgo has so much potential for us to find ourselves in better stead when she is through with this transit; we can find ourselves better organized, with a new look and attitude, and on the road to a plan to improve our physical health with a revamped diet and exercise program. Especially as the weather is still cooperating here in New England, we can get out into the open air and take a walk on our lunch hour, get to the beaches, or bicycle on the many paths exclusively set aside for this activity. Lady Venus in Virgo will urge us to get moving in order to perk up our metabolism and our psyches. As an old adage states “Motion and Emotion” keep one balanced and at the top of your game. So get out those walking shoes, renew your gym membership and work on improving yourself through movement. While working on our own purview of perfection, we may just meet someone of like mind that will turn into a love-connection.

Diet is also one of Virgo’s specialties — always concerned about overall health, our Virgo brethren usually are aware of their daily menus and tend toward healthy fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish for their daily fare. Of course, we all know that special Virgo who loves their sweet treats — but if you observe them on a daily basis, you will note they are very concerned with only taking a modest portion — no giant-sized portions for them — moderation is their mantra. We all would do well to emulate the fastidious and selective manner that our Virgo folks use in choosing their daily fare. Of course, Lady Venus is all too aware of her appearance and demeanor at all times, therefore keeping fit is just one of the ways in which she ensures her overall “put-together” look.

The elegance and demeanor of our Lady Venus cohorts cannot be overstated — indeed when we observe someone entering a room looking entirely well put-together from head-to-toe — you can be sure that there is a strong Virgo influence in their chart. They seem to have a natural ability to know just what looks good on them and an uncanny ability to simply choose items that compliment their style and make them stand out in a crowd. If you have a friend with Venus in Virgo — they will have insight into what would work for you also! If you can take the slight reproach about your less than perfect  choices, they will be able to point you in the right direction for you to find your own fashionably elegant style.

This knack of having general good taste and refinement also works within their homes, usually an oasis of sedate charm and old-fashioned comfort. However, it can be sometimes too formal and uncomfortable for those of us who have a higher forgiveness for clutter capacity! If you want serene, uncluttered, and elegant — you should check with your Venus in Virgo acquaintances for some household hints. However, you better be ready to implement them posthaste.

On the 6th Venus in Virgo has a dust up with Mars in Sagittarius after the dinner hour, if there are some issues on the back burner, now is not the time to address them — indeed wait until you are in a calmer state before airing grievances. On the 13th Venus tussles with Saturn in the morning — perhaps a sleepless night has you or your partner cranky and at odds with life right now — go out for your morning coffee and just take a little time to review your criticisms. The 14th around the noon hour Venus opposes Neptune — you might find a goal or opportunity has slipped from your grasp, fear not others will soon follow that will be better and more in tune with your future plans. In the early evening hours of the 17th we find Lady Venus in Virgo in good aspect to Pluto in Earthy Capricorn –bringing us an awareness of our practical and earthly needs — love, good food, and a not so humble abode! Venus nears the end of her Virgo experience on the 27th as She rides along with Jupiter at the dinner hour — giving us a warm and amorous meeting of the minds with our loved one or a new acquaintance who may become an important part of our life. Leaving Virgo for beautiful Libra on the 29th at 9:07 PM EST, we begin another chapter of Venus’ yearly tour throughout the Zodiac. Following this lovely lady during the year as she traverses our charts can show us where love, good taste, and practicality can come together in order to keep our lives in order and on track. Use the movement of Lady Venus’ journey as she brings us her verve, her spirit, her elegance and her down-to-basics attitude. She is a wonder to behold, and brings us our truest loves and desires all through our lives — Lady Venus in Virgo Rocks!

Hint – find your Venus in Virgo love at the gym, at the health food store, at an art gallery, seeing the newest play or drama, at the country club dance,being coifed and pampered at a spa, buying flowers at the farmer’s market, shopping for elegant clothing, at an upscale chocolate shoppe, buying new furniture, driving an all white sophisticated but practical SUV, helping at an animal shelter, at the dentist office, taking cooking classes, or taking a class on retirement strategies.


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