Mercury Retrograde in Virgo — August 30th to September 22nd 2016

Just want to give everyone a heads-up because Mercury will make it’s Retrograde station on the 30th of August at the karmic 29th degrees of Virgo at 5:25 AM EST — creating a longer period of time in one of the signs it has rulership over. Indeed the whole month of August has seen Mercury in Virgo wherein many of our everyday projects have had us keenly aware of the details and issues that make up the sum of the whole. When Mercury is in Virgo it seems many of us are in a hyper-mode of being picky, extremely fussy and overly critical of the way things are going, and perhaps of others that may be involved with our projects or even our lives.

Mercury will be in Retrograde mode until September 22nd at 12:29 AM EST, when it will have reached 14 degrees of Virgo, before moving on to the sign Libra on October 6th. As you can see, this is a long run for Mercury in one sign — all of August, September, and into the first week of October. Mercury in Rx mode can make our day-to-day lives difficult — there may be confusion about plans (double check), our cars or any form of transportation can be compromised, communications might be chaotic with little understanding between folks, modern forms of all connections may be compromised — email, fax, even our beloved cell-phones may let us down. Of course, we may just forget to keep them charged. Our computers are extremely vulnerable under a Rx Mercury. All the data, information, programs, codes can be hacked, infected and damaged whilst Mercury rolls backwards.

Our awareness of all of these possibilities allows us to prepare as best we can — have the car checked out — change the oil — make sure your brakes are in good working condition. Also allow extra time when going to and from work, when meeting someone, or when traveling by plane, train, or automobile. Make sure your passwords are safe and as difficult to break as possible — back up your work several times a day (maybe that’s what the Cloud is for?) — watch out for any abnormalities in your devices and be sure to check out anything suspicious.

On a personal note, a Rx Mercury can have us being misunderstood on so many levels — make sure people know exactly what you are saying by reiterating your position, double check any times and dates for meetings, phone calls, parties, social occasions. Especially if it is a new acquaintance, company, or somewhere you are not familiar with — check out your route, the venue, and try to arrive early!

If you need to purchase an item that is pricey ( homes, cars, computers, TV’s, etc.) — perhaps you can put it off until Mercury goes Direct on September 22nd (allow a few days for Mercury to really start rolling forward), otherwise — do your homework — check out exactly what it is you’re buying, what the best price is for the item, and if it’s possibly going on sale soon! Especially vulnerable are cars, computers or any tablet or pad — phones — and mechanical things. Also, if you have any litigation that is ongoing, try to get it settled before or after Rx Mercury. Try not to sign any contracts while in the throes of a Rx Mercury in Virgo — there may be flaws in the language, or a hidden clause you miss that might cost you later on. Double checking everything is the only option!

Well — I’m sure you get the idea — on the beneficial side of a Rx Mercury transit is that we might have the ability for a “do-over”, especially if something went wrong with a plan, purchase, or meeting at an earlier date — you may find the opportunity to “fix” the problem. With Virgo’s stellar ability to find the tiniest imperfections, we have eagle-like eyesight to spot and correct any issues you may come across. We also may get the opportunity to re-apply for a job, school, or position that we just missed out on. A long awaited goal may be just around the corner.

Mercury goes into Rx mode at least 3 or 4 times a year, and we always seem to get through them with aplomb — since Mercury is in Virgo — this may affect those born under that sign a bit more than other signs, except its opposite sign of Pisces! Since forewarned is forearmed — be acutely aware of your surroundings, your schedule, and drive defensively at all times. It especially helps if one can take some of these minor glitches with good humor — Good Luck!


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