Lady Venus Enters Libra — August 29th 2016

Delightful Lady Venus in Libra will start on the 29th of August at 9:07 PM EST, bringing beauty, artistry and love to one and all. Since Venus also rules Libra, there will be like-mindedness and compatibility whilst Lady Venus remains therein. However her reign here is rather shortened because she quickly moves into Scorpio on September 23rd with an entirely different attitude. Use the imaginative and creative abilities of Lady Venus in Libra to enhance your own appearance, renew your home decor, and bring a smile to everyone you meet with your upbeat and accepting attitude! Look to your chart to see where Libra lives and you will find how Lady Venus will work her magic there. If you are lucky enough to have a Libra ascendant, you will be looking your best, your persona will attract compatible folks and an enigmatic aura will surround you! People will find you fascinating and want to get to know you better. Be ready to pick and choose your true love, because — yes there will be more than one ardent suitor — however — don’t let yourself become unbalanced with the heady and steady streams of prospects — keep your eye on those things you want out of life. Lady Venus in Libra will be offering you love and companionship — it’s your duty to choose carefully. Be aware that Retrograde Mercury will shortly be in effect — so take your time to really get to know all those who come into your life now.

Having Lady Venus in Libra is like having your cake and eating it too! Airy, artistic, well-balanced, fanciful — ruling music, drama,  social events, especially courtship and marriage — yes — Venus in Libra will have her mythical flowery vision and will use her magical charm to create the most loving couples and the most joyous celebrations throughout her realm. Also Lady Venus in Libra will insist upon beauty wherever she goes — into a beauty parlor, a chi-chi furniture gallery, or a high-end clothing outlet. Lady Venus in Libra brings a certain sense of excellence and style that cannot be mistaken. When you enter a fancy boutique and the decor takes your breath away — you know you are in the presence of Lady Venus in Libra. Filled with flowers, lace and antique furniture — having a warmth and sense of comfort and peace — giving the feeling of something exceptional and singularly unique — that’s our Lady Venus in Libra’s doing.

We all long for that sensitivity in our lives that fills us with the knowledge that we are special, and that is what Lady Venus in Libra can do with elan! She brings us a natural beauty, She can understand our deepest desires, and She fulfills our dreams and fantasies with real world treasures. No flash-in-the-pan — indeed — our Lady Venus in Libra has sustained us for centuries with those indefinable moments in our lives that speak of wonder, love, belonging, brilliance, and forever lifetimes of loving and close companionship.

Our first New Moon in September crests on the 1st in the sign Virgo and is a solar eclipse — bringing a plethora of energy and an intensity that will make us want to improve ourselves both physically and emotionally. Lady Venus in Libra can help us with these issues as She wants us to be our best selves at all times. There will also be an increasing necessity for being detail oriented and extremely fastidious in all of our daily duties. The Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Pisces will occur on the 16th, perhaps bringing confusion and some emotional concerns into the ether. There may be a hazy miasma that befuddles us with unclear communications and ideas. The second New Moon ( A Blue Moon) in September crests on the 30th in the sign Libra, bringing us back into a more normal stasis with our eyes open and our minds active, however — be aware that balance in all things is a Libra issue — so stay on a steady course.

On September 7th Lady Venus in Libra is in a moderately good aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius in the early morning hours, if you are awaiting a legal issue to be resolved — today might be the day — however Mercury in Rx motion may throw a spanner into the works! Later on in mid-morning Venus clicks with Neptune in a Karmic fashion that might bring less than honest folks into your realm — just be aware of any scheme or person that seems “to good to be true”! On the 18th in the wee hours of the morning, Venus in Libra clashes with Uranus in Aries creating a need for excitement and drama — make sure that any “scene” is played out only upon a stage! The work week begins with Venus and Mars (love and passion) meeting  casually during the rush hours of the AM — perhaps creating a morning commute that is full of confusion and disorder — drive defensively — also an early morning meeting might find you with very attractive and sociable people — there may be someone distinctive in the group that catches your attention! Later in the morning a coffee break might find you thinking about or actually enjoying a tete-a-tete with this person! Mercury goes Direct on the 22nd, and the 23rd finds both Mercury and Venus having a tenuous meeting at 9:25 AM EST, that may find you with a new Karmic connection that has a socially beneficial meaning for you. Lady Venus leaves adoring Libra on the 23rd to enter sexy and passionate Scorpio at 9:51 AM EST in the morning! Get ready for some sizzling banter and some extravagant love interests!

Lady Venus in Libra helps us to feel good about ourselves, and our loved ones. The Venus/Libra vibration is one of unity, acceptance, loving kindness and beauty in all things. Enjoy this unique time-span and bring your A-game to the fore when meeting new people, or moving on in a present relationship — this is a time for true love to shine — in truth, loyalty, a gentleness of spirit and a deep desire to please the object of one’s affections. Love is a two-sided conversation carried on in a aura of sincerity, a conscious need to do what’s right, a deep and forever love, and a meeting of two devoted spirits!

The best saying about true love I ever read says:

  ” Love is both a physical and mental attraction, in the presence of emotional security!”

If that’s what you have — you are one of the lucky ones — enjoy the heady and intoxicating passions that are aroused, and believe in your destiny to be loved forever.

 Hint — find your Lady Venus in Libra love in a flower shoppe, at a spa, lounging at a lake, baking chocolate chip cookies, as the president of your bank, piloting your plane, refurbishing your favorite restaurant, at a fashion show, buying antiques, at the theater, getting emotional at the latest kitten or puppy video, having lunch at a vegetarian cafe, in a bridal shop, or listening to a violin concerto!


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